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A Chat With The Hillary Supporters At The Democratic Convention

Reported by Ellen - August 26, 2008 -

I met up with a group of Hillary Clinton supporters on the 16th Street Mall yesterday and had the opportunity to ask them about their coverage on FOX News.

“What do you think about FOX News’ sudden sympathy for Hillary Clinton and her supporters?” I asked. I cited some Clinton-supporting pundits who had recently praised FOX' coverage of the primaries. I was curious to know whether these people really believed that FOX News had taken a sudden interest in their cause or was using them for the purpose of attacking Obama.

“Of course they’re biased,” one of the women answered without hesitation. But none of the group I spoke with seemed to mind that they might be part of a larger FOX News anti-Democratic game plan.

Another, chattier woman insisted to me that Hillary had been the recipient of more TV news bias than any black man, particularly Obama. Citing a remark that Hillary should be “kicked aside,” that the woman said a cable news host had made, she asked, “Can you imagine if anyone said such a thing about a black person?”

“Actually, they’ve said worse than that on FOX,” I said. I told her about Jesse Lee Peterson’s recent Hannity & Colmes appearance in which he said about a racially fraught primary contest in Memphis, “(Most blacks in Memphis) always use racism in order to intimidate white America.”

“That’s something local,” the woman said. “Where is the protection against the misogyny?”