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Lanny Davis and Howard Wolfson Really, Really, Really Don't Get It

Reported by Melanie - August 25, 2008 -

Check out this article: Davis, Wolfson attending convention for Fox.

My favorite part?

This: "They've each appeared about two dozen times on various Fox News programs since joining as contributors.

"Another thing they shared: grief from fellow Democrats when they signed with Fox.

"'Less than I expected, but still some,' Davis said. 'The some were from the places that have a stereotype about Fox, but when I asked them if they ever actually watched Fox, the answer is almost never'."

Regular readers of this site know that what goes on at Fox "News" is anything but a "stereotype." Or, put another way, that the "stereotype" is true.

Oh, and I love what Fox had to say about Robert Greenwald: "Fox spokesman Richard White called Greenwald 'irrelevant' and said 'his bizarre obsession with Fox News has grown stale'." But I love more what Greenwald said about Davis and Wolfson: "Are they democrats?" So true.

P.S. Here's the post that the article references. Fox is playing these guys like a fiddle.