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FOX airs Texas web ad bashing Obama, defends John McCain's dodge on how many houses he owns

Reported by Chrish - August 25, 2008 -

FOX News is broadcasting live from Denver this week, where they have Cliff Jenkins tasked with "causing more trouble" and host Steve Doocy's son Peter twittering with assorted Broncos' cheerleaders and Hooters' pin-ups. In between all this breathless news filler they are featuring a surprising number of John McCain segments - surprising because it's the Democrats' week and McCain isn't even in Denver, he's resting at one of his Arizona homes. In one segment the Friends balanced an unfair attack ad on Barack Obama with a wide-ranging defense of John McCain's memory lapse last week when asked how many homes he has.
With video.

The segment presents an ad from Texas Republicans (in full and presumably free of charge, as it is presented as "news") that criticizes Barack Obama because he has a half-brother who lives in the impoverished African country of Kenya. Brian Kilmeade picks up an underlying theme from the ad and segued into a defense of john McCain's faux pas last week, when he couldn't answer a reporter who asked how many homes he has. "It's complicated," defended the Friends, as McCain listed four homes he and Cindy use and brushed the others off as "investment purposes," a.k.a. rental properties. This extreme wealth is a blessing of "being part of a country where you can succeed and do well," nevermind that Cindy inherited and he married into wealth. And nevermind that the Obama's one stately home was bought with proceeds from Barack Obama's two bestseller books: they are being portrayed on FOX as "elites" rather than an American success story.

Steve Doocy reiterated McCain is the "embodiment of the American Dream" and I can't deny that - nearly everyone dreams of marrying a rich person who will take care of our needs, in high style, for life.

Gretchen Carlson, her hair blowing in the breeze, "gleaned" that this is getting nasty. Going back to the Texas ad, she made the tenuous connection to "the whole house problem" and said "you" can bring up Rezko, and his half-brother living in Nairobi. Ah, but Gretch, can you also bring up Cindy McCain's recently "discovered" half-sisters? Cindy's claims to have been an only child, yet more siblings keep popping up:

"Presumptive first lady nominee Cindy McCain responded to a reporter's question today about how many half-sisters she had by saying that she was "unsure" about the exact number but would have "a staff member look into it.""
(That little gem from humorist Andy Borowitz.)

The Friends continued to give their defense of McCain's fumble, Kilmeade asking plaintively if we "can stop the storyline now?" They admitted that Cindy McCain is really rich, and Gretchen even slipped in that there was a pre-nuptual agreement, so McCain doesn't really know what his wife owns. He hesiteated because "he knew it wouldn't sound good" but it's too complicated to explain, but he didn't want to amke a mistake (as in getting the number wrong) because then "they" would come after him saying he's too old. (Allow me - he is.)

FOX is making no effort to be fairandbalanced these days - they are clearly in the tank for McCain, defending his foibles, speaking in glowing, almost reverent terms, as they relentlessly undermine and question Barack Obama. Not fair, not balanced, not news.