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Doocy nepotism on FOX

Reported by Chrish - August 25, 2008 -

Like father, like son. FOX and Friends' host Steve Doocy is working with son Peter (who held up a centerfold
to the camera this morning, to the horror of Gretchen Carlson and the delight of the rest of the crew), and l'il Dooce has definitely been studying at daddy's knee. If elected, will Barack Obama be America's first "Idol" President?
With video

Peter Doocy, a Poli-Sci major at Villanova, went on the streets of Denver to ask "kids" why Obama is so popular. He asserted that Americans choose their "American Idol" winners based on competence and performance but not so the president (insert l'il W joke here) - we look at their record (or here). Of four young people aired, none could cite a specific piece of legislation from Obama, although Doocy did "make one thing clear:" he did speak to some young people who knew something about Obama's resume" - they just didn't make the cut because it would undermine the message that Obama is a celebrity candidate, a voice, a presence, an empty suit. He concluded, unscientifically (professors please take note), that if you ask the "average" 18-year-old what they like about him, they'll say "he's young, he speaks well, and he's a great performer."

So the youth vote, a worry for the McCain camp, is diminished as being based on emotion rather than logic or reason. Of course the Bush administration's reliance of fear and terror as campaign tools was legitimate at FOX, but that ploy was acceptable. Maybe he ought to change majors to "Political propaganda;" I'm sure he'd do well.