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Charles Krauthammer and Bill Sammon Perpetuate Obama “Infanticide” Lie

Reported by Priscilla - August 25, 2008

When Fox News has a given “theme” for its propaganda, it is spread throughout their broadcasting schedule in order to spread the word. Last week’s theme was the vile and uninformed lie that Barack Obama supported “killing babies” while dealing with abortion legislation when he was an Illinois state legislator. As News Hounds Ellen pointed out, in several of her threads, (Here and Here) Sean Hannity was more than happy to take on this outright character assassination. But it wasn’t just Hannity. This theme was echoed on the Fox News Special Report panel discussion. After last week’s Carl Cameron lies about McCain’s support for the GI Bill, I didn’t think that Fox could get any more disgusting. But I was quickly proven wrong.

Last Thursday (August 21st) Bret Baier introduced the panel’s topics which included Barack Obama’s “controversial views on abortion.” (Comment: only “controversial” because Fox and the Christian right have made it so.) The three person panel was quite unbalanced with right wing partisans, Charles Krauthammer and Bill Sammon balanced off by Mara Liasson. Naturally, the segment began with the clip of McCain’s Saddleback comment about the beginning of “life.” After a discussion about whether McCain would select a pro-choice running mate, Bret Baier said that Obama “is being targeted by pro-life groups over a situation in the state Senate, a piece of legislation that essentially protected infants born alive after botched abortions.” After showing a clip of Obama’s statement, on a CBN interview, that people are lying about his record on this bill, Baier began the discussion by saying “Pro-life groups say it demonstrates his extremism. Explain the background on this.” (Comment: the talking point couldn’t be any more obvious)

As if on cue, Bill Sammon said that “pro-lifers are not liars” and in echoing “pro-life” (really “anti choice”) propaganda, claimed that they said “correctly” that Obama “voted against a bill while in the Illinois legislature that would have protected born-alive infants that were born as a result of botched abortions.” The devil is in the details and Sammon’s cursory details didn’t provide a correct summation of the legislative history of the bill. Like all the others who are promulgating this b.s., Sammon claimed that the Illinois “born alive” bill was identical to the federal bill; and as such, Obama’s claim that the Illinois bill undermined Roe was bogus. Sammon also mentioned that Obama is now claiming that part of the problem was a companion bill that was identical to the bill he objected to; but the pro-lifers are saying that these two bills are different. According to Sammon, Obama is “backpeddling.”

So along comes Krauthammer to deliver the coup de grace and reinforce the designated propaganda: “Well, it could be only because it shows extreme position on abortions. It is essentially infanticide. And also because if he has lied about it and he has covered it up over the last four years, and then he accused those who found out of being liars, it gets to him on the character issue.” Liason, a voice of normalcy, said that Obama was trying to find common ground on abortion; but she didn’t think that would happen and the differences between Obama and McCain, on this issue, will be stark if McCain picks a pro-life running mate.

Comment: Rather than debunk the issues here, I would recommend several sites which provide the extensive detail that Sammon didn’t. (Here, Here, and Here). It is clear that the liar isn’t Obama; but Charles Krauthammer who has smeared Obama in the past; but truly outdid himself this time around. The mainstream media doesn’t seem to be obsessing on this issue (if they’ve covered it at all) because it is bogus and based on partisan lies. Besides the mainstream media isn’t a conduit for conservative propaganda. Once again, there should be no doutbt about Fox’s demographics. Fox News, fair, balanced, and the news network for the National Right to Life.

Note – I am closing this discussion to comments because we have said all that needed to be said about this. However, I feel it is important to report on this latest bit of Fox News slime. I also don’t want to waste my time deleting vile and hateful comments from those anti-choicers who defend this disgusting lie.

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