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Greg Jarrett Wants To Know What Is It With All The Obscenities?

Reported by Priscilla - August 24, 2008 -

The Fox Weekend Show with Greg Jarrett and Julie Banderas just ran a segment about poor Griff Jenkins’ experience with a scary group of demonstrators in Denver. Poor lil Griff got himself in the middle of an anti war demonstration and tried to ask the demonstrators what they were protesting against. (Comment: Their banner was quite clear, Griff). Upon realizing that Griff was from Fox News, the demonstrators hurled a stream of bad words in Griffs direction. Griff, summoning up his best Fox fight club attitude, demanded to know their names. Several of the protestors said their names and said more bad words to Griff who was clearly outnumbered. Jarrett was just appalled and wanted to know what it was with all the obscenities. Well, Greg, here’s the answer from one of Fox’s own family values practitioners:

“F&^k it, we’ll do it live.”