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FOX portrays Cindy McCain as victim of "attack" ad, compares to Michelle Obama smears

Reported by Chrish - August 24, 2008 -

E.D. Hill, who should be banned on FOX from even mentioning Michelle Obama, compared the disgraceful comments made about Mrs. O ("terrorist fist jab," forming a "lynching party," impugning her patriotism...) to a two-second clip of Cindy McCain inserted in a Florida Democratic Party anti-McCain commercial.

Hill reported that John McCain called the inclusion of his wife in the video "outrageous" and said that Obama should understand - he has said attacks on his wife are infuriating. In the FOX video you'll see McCain Communications Director Jill Hazelbaker accusing Democrats of hypocrisy for these supposed "attacks" on Cindy Hensley McCain.

You don't need to watch the whole FOX video; they change the subject. Then watch the actual ad -which we must note was not shown, because it would blow the whole "attack" and "hypocrisy" accusations - and see what a molehill they are trying to turn into a mountain; you might just laugh out loud at the absurdity.

Actual ad:

Of course this is intended to make Democrats look "just as bad" as Republicans, and possibly sets the stage to excuse more planned attacks on Michelle Obama. Pretty funny to think how often Obama has already been accused of being thin-skinned for reacting to the wide-ranging attacks and smears leveled at him, and FOX has the nerve to even mention this? Ridiculous - and exemplary of their bias.

H/T reader Javan.