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FOX Offers Advice To Michelle Obama On Her Convention Style

Reported by Deborah - August 24, 2008 -

FOX News has proven to be a consistently dubious source of support for Michelle Obama. Today's exploration of how Michelle Obama can help her husband at the Democratic Convention this week on America's Election HQ was filled with those little hints and nudges meant to reinforce the notion that the Michelle Obama is somehow subversive.

Jane Hampton Cook worked for George W Bush and wrote a book Faith of America's First Ladies . After Colby mentioned that Michelle Obama made some statements about "America and Americans that were controversial", she asked Cook for advice for Michelle, as if she doesn't really know the proper way to behave. Cook curiously chose a Jewish proverb about the wifely role to guide MO before she speaks at the convention, "Do good, not harm". .

Then they discussed the right color for MO to wear. Cook suggested that the choices would certainly only be red, white, blue or maybe pink which was a reminder that MO likes to mix it up with black, brown or purple.

Colby wanted to know if it was "appropriate" for Michelle Obama to speak noting that Cindy McCain had not decided. Cook assured her that Barbara Bush did it so it would be quite all right.
What a relief!