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Cavuto Makes Joe Biden Look Like an Imbecile

Reported by Melanie - August 23, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto was live this morning (August 23, 2008) on his "business news" show when Joe Biden left his home in Delaware for the airport and then on to Illinois.

As the audience watched a live shot from a helicopter of the driveway and backyard area of the home, Cavuto described what was going on. At one point an SUV left the premises and a few minutes later Cavuto came up with this line of jive designed to make Biden look like a complete idiot.

"You know, I'm finding out here that they forgot grandma. They forgot grandma and that's the deal. So, that's, you know, he left and I guess the kids were in the car. They say, where's grandma? So, all those guys, they say, hey, you forgot grandma! So that's what's going on here."


"They're all heading off to the airport. They all left in one SUV and that's already making its way to the airport and, and someone said, you know, ah, Joe, mom on board? And, gee, I thought she was in the other SUV. No. She's still in the house! So that's what's going on here. They're getting mom, and the kids probably want to know where grandma was."


The live shot shows Biden, his mother, his wife (?) and several youngish females emerging from the back of the house. Cavuto: "Alright. Grandma's accounted for."

The group walks around the side and out to the driveway in front where a silver or gray SUV waits. The people start hugging and kissing each other. The youngest female is probably 11 or 12 years old (hard to tell from the helicopter).

Cavuto continues: "When I bring kids somewhere I always make sure my boys have like a game or a toy to play with because it's gonna be a long flight and you certainly don't want to embarrass anyone at the big event in Springfield. So, I don't see any toys for the kids."

Back to the live shot. More hugging and kissing. Cavuto: "Oh, I love this. So, there's mom."

The woman who I presume is Biden's wife walks around to the far side of the car and gets in. Biden waves to a crowd of people standing about 30 feet away. Cavuto: "Alright. Oh, he's got the wave."

Biden gets into the car and the motorcade drives off.

Comment: Can you imagine this kind of talk coming from Fox during coverage of John McCain or say, Mitt Romney if he is McCain's nominee? Can you imagine Fox referring to McCain's mother as "grandma?" Me either.