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McCain Can't Remember He Has 7 Houses — Cavuto Turns That Into is Obama "Bashing the American Dream?"

Reported by Melanie - August 22, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto obviously memorized the talking points, or at least the list of words he was to use today (August 22, 2008) during his show because in a segment about McCain's seven houses he used just about all of them.

Obama supporter Malia Lazu was his guest and Cavuto introduced her with, "Barack Obama just releasing another ad [actually, it was released yesterday but Fox likes to give its audience the impression that they're right on top of things] bashing John McCain for those seven houses, eight houses, whatever it is - that's two ads in two days." (Poor beat-up John McCain.) "Well, instead of slamming McCain, is Obama really bashing the American dream?" (Can you believe that stretch?)

With that, Cavuto played the ad,

and turned to Lazu: "Malia, you know this stuff on rich and all goes back and forth because you can argue one guy's a little uppity and ah, it's a zero sum game right? Where do we go with this?"

Lazu, trying to get the discussion on track, said, "It shows that the American people want someone who understands how hard it is to achieve the American dream in this day and age. ... I think what he's trying to point out is that when you elect people who don't understand the hardships of real American people you get the eight years of failed policies we've seen with president Bush."

Cavuto: "You're not saying, you're not saying that a guy who spent more than five years in a Vietnamese prison camp doesn't understand hardship are you?"

Lazu again reiterated what she said above, so back to Cavuto: "But this gets to be a kind of he said, he said silly game. Everyone made a big deal not too long ago when, you know, Obama was whining about the cost of argula. ... Who cares; it sounds a little elitist, but that's okay."

At this point the following chyrons appeared on screen:

— McCain: Fundraiser Tony Rezko helped Obama buy his house

— Rezko was recently indicted for political corruption

Again, Lazu tried every which way possible to make the point that when someone doesn't know how many homes they have, they're out of touch, but Cavuto wouldn't have it: "We start going after the rich...then we start going after companies because they must be greedy SOB's. So it's become chic to attack success." Then Cavuto went off on how Franklin Roosevelt was rich but "he related to the common man" and he "probably knew exactly what arugula was." This is "a stupid argument." By the way, "how much is arugula per pound? I don't even know what it is."

Comment: This is the second day that Cavuto has deliberately gotten the point of this issue completely wrong. He knows it isn't "about houses" but far be it for him to let his audience in on what it IS about. Lazu could barely get a word in edgewise but Cavuto managed to make all his talking points.