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FOX defends McCain against charges of elitism, leave false accusations against Obama unchallenged

Reported by Chrish - August 22, 2008 -

In several different segments this morning on FOX and Friends 8/22/08, the Friends discussed John McCain's recent admission to Politico.com that he had to get back to them about how many houses he owns, the Obama camp's immediate ad responding to the perceived elitism, and the McCain camp's response to the response, resurrecting disproved accusations of wrongdoing between Obama and disgraced Chicago businessman Tony Rezko.

The Friends defended McCain's stumble as a desire to be accurate - he doesn't actually own any of the homes, sugar momma Cindy and her family's various trusts hold the titles, and some of them are not for the McCain's enjoyment but are rather investment properties and housing for family members. Obama, on the other hand, has "had a few 'problems' with a criminal," said Gretchen Carlson. "Oh, yeah," said Brian Kilmeade.

Additionally, they played both ads but only deflected Obama's, leaving McCain's vague charges of corruption hanging in viewers' minds. The accusations that Obama saved $300,000 on his house courtesy of Rezko are debunked by Politifact.com**, and rumors of his doing favors for Rezko are squashed with the facts at MediaMatters.com.

Steve Doocy allowed that they're both rich guys (not by John McCain's standards!!), making sure both times to note that Obama earned $4 million last year, and defended the McCains again as holding investment properties.

Comment: This election cycle, apparently, it's OK to be married to an extremely wealthy heiress and she is to be left alone. Not a peep so far about the recently surfaced two half-sisters, whom Cindy McCain has disregarded to the point of claiming to be an "only child." This unsavory fact is being mitigated by FOX who is making sure viewers know that the McCains provide housing for a daughter and an elderly aunt - aawww, ain't they sweet. Nor has there been any outrage over the revelation that Mother Theresa did NOT, as frequently told, personally ask Cindy McCain to adopt her daughter Bridget.

FOX and Friends predictably do no truth-finding, just present the propaganda as directed from on high.

**Looking around Politifact.com I couldn't help but notice that in the "pants on fire" section, that none of the most egregious falsehoods have come from the Obama campaign, while many have come directly from the McCain campaign. Combined with a substantial number of outrageous lies emanating from the RNC and the right-wing blogosphere and email chain letters, the Republican Right as a whole is guilty of an extraordinary barrage of outright lies about Barack Obama. Americans have frequently said that they abhor dishonest and negative campaigning, but as McCain ramps up the lies, so too his poll numbers increase.

Barack Obama has vowed not to go dirty on McCain, and I hope he doesn't . But it isn't dirty to expose your opponent's lies and lack of ethics, and I hope he does. This is disgraceful - what is this teaching our kids? I know that I've learned that the Arizona Senator I once thought was at least honorable and principled is just another selfish dirty rotten liar willing to do anything for office.