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For Fourth Night In A Row, Hannity And Guests Accuse Barack Obama Of Wanting To Kill Infants

Reported by Ellen - August 22, 2008 -

Another edition of FOX News’ Hannity & Colmes, another segment accusing Barack Obama of supporting infanticide. Actually, last night (8/21/08), it was another two segments accusing Obama of supporting infanticide. Sean Hannity outdid himself by baselessly accusing Obama of wanting babies who survive botched abortion procedures to die. I think Hannity should be fired for this. With video.

As I have previously posted, Hannity has done his best to make political hay out of Obama’s vote against “born alive” legislation put forth by anti-abortionists back when he was a state senator in Illinois. As Alan Colmes keeps telling Hannity, and it’s backed up by the facts, Obama objected to the legislation because he thought it would encroach on a woman’s right to choose, because he thought doctors could be trusted to treat such infants appropriately without the additional legislation and because a state law already in place in Illinois protected infants born alive after a late-term abortion procedure. Nevertheless, Hannity and a succession of partisan guests have paraded their recklessly false and malicious accusations against Obama night after night. Apparently, “real journalism, fair and balanced” FOX News has no problem with that.

In Part 1 of the two-part discussion, Hannity asked conservative blogger Erick Erickson, “So (Obama) does support infanticide. Is that a fair assessment?”

Erickson answered, “I think it’s a fair assessment.”

Hannity falsely added, “If (the infants) live, in the end, they’d be offered no medical care because Barack Obama didn’t want it there, right?”

Wrong. Obama never said he didn’t want medical care there and if Hannity doesn’t know that to be the case, he ought to be fired immediately. If he does know that and deliberately made such an inflammatory accusation knowing that it was false, he ought to be fired immediately, too. In more than three years of blogging about Hannity, I have never called for him to be fired before. But this kind of smear is unconscionable and unjustifiable.

In Part 2, Alan Colmes told Erickson, “It’s outrageous that what you’re really saying here is that Barack Obama wants to kill babies. He wants to kill them after they’re born. He wants to chase them after they’re out of the womb and make sure they don’t live.”

“Well, he does,” Erickson interrupted. Erickson, you may recall, not long ago opined on the show, without offering any facts to support his accusation, that Obama used Secret Service protection to make himself look more presidential.

Colmes continued, “And that doctors can’t be trusted in order to do the right thing in order to save the life of a child. That’s really what you’re saying.”

Erickson, with his customary look of self-satisfaction (with no apparent justification) replied, “I realize it’s hard for you to get your hands around this, Alan, But he’s to the left of Planned Parenthood and NARAL on this issue.”

Colmes said, “You believe that Barack Obama supports infanticide. He wants to kill babies.”

“Yeah,” Erickson said smugly.

“That’s an outrageous statement,” Colmes said.

“No, it’s not. That’s his vote,” Erickson said. Erickson added that Obama doesn’t really want to kill babies, “He wants you to be able to finish off a kid if it survives an abortion.”

Conservative Alice Stewart, a former Huckabee aide, said, “The fact of the matter is that his own actions are showing that he is not willing to protect the life of a child who is still alive after...”

Fortunately, Colmes and the lone Democrat, Steve Murphy, interrupted her poisonous, unChristian lies.

“How can you get on television and make these statements about Barack Obama?” Colmes demanded. “How can you in good conscience say these things about him? You know it’s not true.”

Erickson, smirking, said, “Because those are the facts.”

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