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Laura Ingraham Whines About Late Night Comedy Plot

Reported by Deborah - August 21, 2008 -

Laura Ingraham, filling in for O'Reilly, complained tonight, 8/21, that late night comics don't make enough jokes about Barack Obama concluding that it's a partisan plot to go easy on Obama. James Hirsen, Hollywood Nation, FOX's favorite Hollywood hater, provided support for Ingraham's conservative paranoia..with video

Ingraham pretty much ruined her claims of a partisan plot when she showed a recent study from the Center For Media and Public Affairs stating that the George W Bush, Hillary Clinton and John McCain get the most jokes while Obama got half the amount.

Ingraham told Hirsen, "It is so obvious, beyond obvious! In these little production meetings, whether in LA or New York, the idea that you're going to have a conservative stand up and say we're going to have to hit Obama. You know there's so much you can hit him on, his experience or whether his wife runs the show because middle America is going to laugh at that."

Ingraham thought the jokes about McCain's temper and age "cut" to his vulnerabilities. Hirsen agreed adding that jokes about Obama as a "messiah" and celebrity helps Obama because people like celebrities.