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Fox Totally Misrepresents the Issue of McCain Not Knowing How Many Houses He Owns

Reported by Melanie - August 21, 2008 -

As everyone this side of a hole in the ground knows, in an interview yesterday with Politico, John McCain said he's "unsure how many houses he owns." The significance of that is (1) how out of touch with everyday life is a person who doesn't know the answer to that question and (2) if McCain doesn't know the answer to that question, does he have the mental capacity to deal with the myriad complex issues that will confront him as president?

That said, take a look at how Fox "reported" on this issue today (August 21, 2008). It wasn't about McCain's mental capacity. Fox ignored that. Instead, Fox presented this as McCain "fighting back," as Obama and McCain "sparring" over the number of homes they own, Obama's income, Obama's trip to Hawaii and Tony Rezko.

Here's how it went down:

Cavuto: "Alright. To the campaign trail and the fight over who is a bigger elitist. Molly Henneberg in Sedona, Arizona where the gloves are commin' off. Hey Molly."

Henneberg (laughing): "That's right Neil. Team McCain is fighting back, asking if Barack Obama really wants to get into a debate about houses, calling Obama in a statement quote, a guy who made more than 4 million last year and just got back from a vacation on a private beach in Hawaii, and they point out that Obama had help from now-convicted felon Tony Rezko in buying his own house and lot. But the fact is, McCain does have seven homes, three he uses regularly, one he uses somewhat regularly, one his daughter uses and two are investment properties. Obama's on the stump pointing out that McCain could not recall the number of houses he owns in an interview and Obama points out that most Americans do know the number of houses that they own. Neil, it wouldn't be so bad to own a house right here on the Sedona golf course. It's pretty nice out here but yeah, the debate today has been about houses."

Cavuto: "It is a beautiful area. Man-o-man, I envy you. Molly, thank you very much."

The chyrons Fox ran at the bottom of the screen during the segment read:

— Obama and McCain Spar Over Homes They Own

— Obama Mocks McCain for Owning "7 Homes"

— McCain: Attack on Houses "Sign of Desperation"

— McCain Campaign Takes Aim at "Mansion," Rezko Ties

Here's video of Henneberg's cover-up:

Comment: "The fight over who is the bigger elitist?" "The debate today is about houses?" Wrong again Fox, you water carriers you. This is a case of Fox "reporting" on an issue in order to cover its ass and say it "covered" it, but obviously it deliberately missed the point. More "fair and balanced news" from the liars at FNC.