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Cavuto Mangles Ralph Nader Statement in Order to Bash Obama

Reported by Melanie - August 21, 2008 -

Ralph Nader was a guest on Your World w/Neil Cavuto yesterday (August 20, 2008). During his introduction, Cavuto said: "Ralph Nader says he has figured out something: That Barack Obama is desperate and he is so worried he is going to lose, he's going to go for Hillary Clinton as his running mate. No one says that; Ralph Nader does. Ralph is here to explain."

Nader came on and said: "That's a little bit of a stretch. I was just saying that if he wanted a plus for his campaign, Hillary Clinton would get him more votes than anyone else."

Comment: Big difference. But here you have the 34,567th example of Cavuto carrying out his assignment, that of helping to paint a picture of a weak Barack Obama who is "desperate" and "so worried he is going to lose." Good job "fair and balanced journalist" GOP water boy.