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Cavuto Cites Two Polls In Order to Make Obama Look Bad; Ignores Own Fox Poll Showing He's in the Lead

Reported by Melanie - August 21, 2008 -

Not that I think Fox's polling is all that good (try reading one — you'll either go insane or blind) nor that Obama's lead is all that great, it's just that I finished watching Your World w/Neil Cavuto a few minutes ago (August 21, 2008) during which Cavuto aired two segments on polls. One was about this poll, which Cavuto used to "prove" that Obama is "getting a pass" (from the "liberal media," which was implied); and one about this Fox News poll which Cavuto cherry picked and used to "prove" that Obama "needs" to pick Hillary Clinton as his VP in order to win.

But natch, true to his "fair and balanced" form, he didn't mention this poll, Obama Leads 42% to 39% Going Into Convention, which is currently headlining Fox News.com's poll page.

Sleaze bag.