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Anti-Abortion Extremist Jill Stanek's Questionable Background Excluded From FOX News Discussion Accusing Obama Of Supporting Infanticide

Reported by Ellen - August 21, 2008 -

Anti-abortion extremist Jill Stanek, a woman with a dubious record and an obvious agenda, got a lengthy segment on Hannity & Colmes last night (8/20/08) to spin her attacks against Barack Obama and continue the ongoing FOX News meme of painting Obama as a supporter of infanticide. Stanek has quite a colorful and radical record that would probably have been of great interest to the FOX News audience in evaluating her credibility. But none of it was revealed by the “We report. You decide” network. She was interviewed by the credulous Sean Hannity, alone, without any balancing skepticism from Alan Colmes. The result was that nobody revealed that Stanek’s accusations that an Illinois hospital abandoned infants who had survived abortions had been previously investigated and dismissed. With video.

What is it with Hannity and crackpot health professionals? Stanek seems like she’d be in good company with Dr. Bill Hammesfahr, the phony Nobel prize nominee censured by the State of Florida, whom Hannity touted as someone who could heal Terri Schiavo, and the discredited nurse, Carla Sauer-Iyer, who, when last seen on Hannity & Colmes, was facing revocation of her license as the result of statements about Schiavo’s condition that a judge deemed “incredible, to say the least.”

A few tidbits about Stanek: She admires fictional character Michael Corleone for having hit his wife for having an abortion. Stanek has written:

That spontaneous slap was the reaction of a real man who a woman had just told she aborted his baby. Compare that to the modern day cowardly male response, "It's your choice. Whatever you decide, I'll support you." Or worse, his threat to abandon her if she does not abort. It was this fierce devotion to family that strangely endeared us to the Corleone men despite their otherwise heinous behavior.
(H/T Archpundit)

Stanek also believes (though it has been debunked as an urban legend) that the Chinese eat babies.

And if that isn’t enough, here’s a sample of her vicious sense of humor (check out the URL). (H/T Eric Zorn).

On Hannity & Colmes, Stanek was identified merely as “former nurse who testified for Born Alive abortion bill.” As has been previously discussed on Hannity & Colmes, Obama voted against the bill, which protects infants who survive a botched abortion, because he feared it encroached on abortion rights and because such infants were already protected under other law. All week, Hannity, with the aid of FOX News, has used the issue to smear Obama as a supporter of infanticide.

Hannity did make a show of noting (probably at his bosses’ insistence) that the hospital where Stanek claimed to have cradled in a utility closet an abandoned but living, aborted infant with Down Syndrome, disputed her account.

Stanek responded, “The hospital has never publicly disputed it before today. I’ve been publicly testifying under oath for years and the hospital has never denied it and the hospital has never sued me for libel.”

Really? Chicago tribune writer Eric Zorn has posted an email exchange he had with Stanek in 2004 in which she criticized the Illinois Department of Public Health investigation and dismissal of her claims. Stanek even used the same “the hospital hasn’t sued me” argument back then.

It's hard to imagine that the IDPH investigation would not have included statements and records from the hospital and that Stanek would not have known about those findings.

Stanek went on to accuse Obama of endeavoring to lure other senators “to endorse infanticide.”

Hannity had no problem with such a hideous and blatantly false accusation, of course. In fact, he endorsed it. “This radical point of view that you don’t offer assistance to a baby that’s living outside of a mother’s womb,” he said, all innocently.

Meanwhile, Hannity, who makes misstatements nearly every night, including one on that very program, as I have previously noted, thought he’d make great political hay out of the fact that Obama has, apparently, misstated his opposition to one version of the bill. But as columnist Eric Zorn points out in a lengthy, detailed explication of the different versions of the bills and the issues, the legislative history is complicated and confusing and Stanek, herself, recently made the same mistake about the bills that Obama just did.

Stanek didn’t own up to the fact that she had made the same mistake Obama was being accused of. Instead, she argued that Obama changed the bill in order to vote against it, suggesting that it was a cover-up for his radical views.

Hannity said excitedly, “This is very key!”