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Who Knew That Coca Cola Had Been Co-opted By Islam – “Grapevine” Did!

Reported by Priscilla - August 20, 2008 -

The Fox News Special Report “Grapevine” is very predictable. It’s a forum for the candidacy of John McCain, conservative republican talking points, mocking of climate change, news for right wing evangelical Christians and a denigration of the Fox enemy du jour especially Muslims. It’s also a “mainstream” media outlet for whatever is hot, hot, hot in the right wing blogosphere. Last night’s (August 19th) “Grapevine” scored a triple header in reporting some shocking news about conservative reaction to the Islamic agenda that is making the rounds of places like Free Republic. And that is the shocking, I say shocking, news that “the Turkish division of Coca-Cola has just completed a design agreement for a new line of Coke cans that will mark the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.” Oh nooooo……!!!!!!!

It seems that the cans, featuring the Islamic moon and star, will be displayed on special editions of Coca Cola cans to be distributed in the Islamic world; and that is why God fearing Christians, in places unidentified by “Grapevine,” are outraged - as evidenced by the accompaning chyron “can of worms.” Once again, those who are fighting that ongoing war against victimized Christianity are reacting: “News of the Islamic-friendly Coke cans has prompted some critics to ask whether Coca-Cola would change its designs for Christmas from polar bears and penguins to include the Christian cross. Or to include the Star of David for those who celebrate Hanukkah.” (Comment: The cross is a symbol of Christmas? Another question – who are “some critics?”)

Comment: Here’s my question. The cans are being distributed to those in the Islamic world (Middle East, North Africa and as far east as Indonesia.) so what business is it of any American let alone Fox News!!!!!!! And silly me, I thought that conservatives disapprove of those playing the “victim card.” But Fox News certainly validates and affirms that victim status while, once again, playing the anti Islamic card. And once again, another shout out to the Christian right. It’s getting so predictable!!!!!