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Neil Cavuto Implies That Sabotage — by Labor Unions — May Have Caused the Spanish Airline Crash

Reported by Melanie - August 20, 2008 -

That's right. The bodies of the 153 people killed today (August 20, 2008) in the Spanair crash outside Madrid aren't even cold yet but that didn't deter Neil Cavuto from turning the tragedy into an opportunity to push right wing politics, namely anti-labor, anti-union sentiment.

News of the crash was the top story on Your World and after a brief description of what happened, Cavuto turned to freelance journalist Michael Moffett in Madrid. Cavuto's first question to Moffett was, "What can you tell us?"

His second question was, "Michael, I'm familiar with this carrier because they've been having a lot of labor issues lately. Pilots were complaining about ah, safety budgets being cut; that the airline was poised to lay off a lot of workers; cut its overall flying routes. In other words, before the crash there were a lot of concerns about the stability of the airline. Do you know anything about that?"

Moffett did know about the potential staff cuts and removing some planes from routes — the one that crashed was scheduled to be taken out of service — but he also mentioned that the plane was 15 years old and later in the show there was a lot of talk about MD-80's, their age and wiring problems specific to that model.

Comment: Again, this was Cavuto's freakin second question of the whole damn show! I can see the labor issue being brought up at some point but to imply it right off the bat, before exploring other, more likely causes for the crash, is nothing more than playing politics with a tragedy. Gotta hate those labor unions even though we'd all be working eight days a week, 365 days a year with no minimum wage or sick leave (among other things) without them! Way to go Neil, you cold hearted b*&^%$d.