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Major Wing Nut Alert

Reported by Melanie - August 20, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto brought on a guest today (August 20, 2008) who was such a nut case that it was good to be reminded that people like him are still out there and that certain "news" outlets actually think they deserve airtime.

The guest's name was Roy Den Hollander and Cavuto introduced him as an "anti-feminist and attorney." Hollander, an alumni of Columbia University, is suing Columbia claiming that their women's studies courses are "spreading prejudice and bigotry toward men."

Here is some of what he said:

Columbia should, "Cut out the feminazi, feminine women's studies programs and bring back varsity sports and you're going to do a lot better for the university."

"Columbia is presenting a women's studies program but not a men's studies. Women's studies teaches feminism... The teaching of feminism argues that feminism is a religion. Now, religion doesn't require a God."

"If a guy takes a women's studies course, what's going to happen to him? The girls [he used the word "girls" throughout] in the class are going to basically walk all over him in their stiletto heels — which may not be too bad."

Girls are a "suspect class. Every time they open their mouths I begin to suspect something."

"Girls are making more than guys. Girls control nearly 60% of the wealth of this country. And if you want to look at the real oppressors, you look at who lives longer, who, on whom most of the health dollars are spent, and who eats more."

Comment: Ooooookay. Sounds like this guy has issues as does Fox if it thought he was worth putting on.