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FOX News Body Language Expert Disappoints Megyn Kelly

Reported by Deborah - August 20, 2008 -

Megyn Kelly greeted Tanya Reiman with almost giddy excitement today on America's Newsroom, 8/20. According to Kelly the body language expert contacted her with an important observation about Barack Obama at the Saddleback Forum. Anxious to make the most of any opportunity to discredit Obama, Kelly asked Reiman to analyze Obama in a few other situations. Although Kelly worked hard to give the impression that Reiman was about to expose some damaging tidbit about Obama, Reiman did not meet her expectations. with video

The first clip showed Obama responding to McCain's accusation that Obama puts personal ambition before his country. Reiman reported that his raised chin showed confidence, his furrowed brow signaled concern and his tongue placement noted disdain. Kelly struck out on this one but she still had hope.

The next clip showed Obama blinking frequently. Kelly seemed disappointed when Reiman didn't come out with the conventional wisdom about blinking and dishonesty. After Reiman's claims that the blinking was an emotional response, Kelly was compelled to bring up the lying theory in hopes of planting a seed in viewer's minds.

Things really looked bleak for Kelly when Reiman claimed the next clip revealed that Obama really cares about veterans. However, all hope was dashed when the Saddleback revelation turned out to be a plus for Obama too.

Apparently, Tonya Reiman had nothing to say about John McCain's body language. How totally unsurprising.