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Even More Glowing Reviews Of McCain At Saddleback. Hosanna In The Highest!!

Reported by Priscilla - August 20, 2008 -

McCain’s palm strewed exit from the Saddleback forum continued on Monday (August 18th) night’s Fox Special Report. Loyal disciple Bret Baier reported that several Democrats were critical of Obama’s presentation. Naturally, any credit given to Obama was omitted. And naturally, the segment about the beginning of life was played in order to allay any fears in the “heartland” that McCain wasn’t sufficiently championing the basic conservative litmus test. (Comment: there were other issues discussed at the Forum; but for religious conservatives there are no other issues. That Obama discussed services needed for women to keep their babies was obviously unimportant) The rest of the treatment of the Saddleback Forum was an undisguised and shameless endorsement of John McCain with absolutely no pretense towards journalistic objectivity.

The top “Grapevine” segment dealt with the letter of outrage, sent from the McCain campaign, to NBC management – all because Andrea Mitchell (a real journalist) had the audacity to report what she had heard from the Obama campaign about the real possibility that McCain wasn’t in a “cone of silence.” (Comment: Is Fox News for real? They gave the Swiftboaters a public forum and are continuing this tradition by giving the discredited Jerome Corsi the same thing)

But the McCain worship service kicked into high gear during the panel discussion in the second half of the program. The composition of the panel was hardly “fair and balanced” with conservatives Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, and Jeffrey Birnbaum who seems to usually be in agreement with the right side of the aisle. Prior to the discussion on Saddleback, Baier played a clip from Fox News radio, in which Rick Warren said all the claims about cheating were “bogus.” (Comment: so that settles it!) Baier introduced the discussion by asking about the veracity of the cheating claims. As if on cue, Bill Kristol replied that the accusations showed that the Obama campaign knew that “their man lost the evening” and showed the Obama campaign’s “disdain for McCain. McCain won the evening.” Birnbaum said regarding McCain: “his answers were sharp. He was playing to the audience of evangelicals. They agreed on a lot of things. And Obama was very discursive in a way that really didn't suit this format very well.” While Krauthammer did admit that McCain’s definition of rich comment was a gaffe, he added that it was an attempt to be funny. He, too, was laudatory about Fox’s candidate: “McCain won that night because he has a depth of character that showed. This is all about spirit, history, values, and he's a man with an amazing history” (Comment: Hey Charles, what does McCain’s treatment of his first wife show about his character?) He then went on to say: “Obama has an interesting history, but it's not a heroic one. It isn't even a dramatic one. And when you match one history against another, you got a contrast which is very striking.” (Comment: Hey Charles, so being an interracial child, being raised by grandparents, in a white society, is no big whoop – as opposed to being the son of an elite military family? Hey Charles, so being the first African American President of the Harvard Law Review is also chump change – as opposed to finishing 894 out of 899 at Annapolis?)

Comment: This was possibly the most shameless display of partisanship that I have seen on a very partisan network. At no time did anyone define why McCain had “won.” As this was a “faith” forum there was no winning or losing as matters of faith are subjective – unless, of course, one defines the “true faith” as being that of the religious right. The statement about when life begins has extraordinary implications for access to abortion, contraception, in vitro fertilization, etc. On this issue McCain is no “maverick.” Unfortunately there was no woman on the panel to discuss that. But one thing is for sure, Fox has anointed McCain who sits at the right hand of Roger Ailes!!!