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Truth about drilling and gas prices slips out on FOX and Friends

Reported by Chrish - August 19, 2008 -

Due to technical difficulties, a Democrat actually got an unopposed segment with FOX Friends Steve Doocy and Dave Briggs to reveal some facts about Democrats' energy plans and Republican posturing. The hosts did their best to derail but MD Congressman Chris Van Hollen prevailed - what a breath of fresh air!
With video.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is agreeing to a vote on offshore drilling as long as there are environmental safeguards included, and it is a small part of a comprehensive energy plan that focuses on developing alternative, renewable energy sources for America and efficiency.

Right off the bat Van Hollen called the Republicans for engaging in a "great political stunt," trying to persuade Americans that by giving the oil companies more land now they'll see immediate relief at the pump. He cited the Energy Dept. as saying the drop in prices, if at all, will be in the future and immaterial.

Challenged by Briggs about why she wouldn't allow a vote before Congress broke for vacation, Van Hollen replied that what they voted on before the break were bills that would have "an immediate impact at the pump" - "in your opinion," interjected Briggs. Van Hollen said you asked, let me answer - swapping heavy for light crude in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and regulating oil market speculators would both have an immediate impact and Republicans said "no" to both. In a comprehensive plan, Dems hope to use some of the revenue generated from drilling to invest in developing long-term solutions.

Eric Cantor of VA was invited in, but the connection was so bad they had to drop him. Doocy brought up the rumored Chinese drilling 16 miles off our shores in the Gulf, and asked why should the Chinese take "our oil"? When Van Hollen replied that there's a lot of specualtion about what the Chinese are doing, Doocy said let's then take the hypothetical that they will be and demanded CVH to defend the hypothetical. Van Hollen pointed out that the oil 16 miles off our shores is not "our oil," and told viewers that there was a vote before recess on asking oil companies to explore on the leases they already own before the government gives them any more - the "use it or lose it" bill. He reiterated that Americans need to understand that even if we succumbed to "drill here, drill now" the price at the pump would not change noticeably, now or in the future when the oil came into consumption. We have only about 3% of the world's oil reserves, but we consume 20%, so we need to look elsewhere.

They thanked him and promised Eric Cantor tomorrow; Briggs speculated (?) that "he may argue against that SPR; 'some say' that won't have any effect either," and the two hosts were in agreement that "if they take all the oil out of that" we could be in a real jam, once again distorting and oversimplifying the proposal, the easier to dismiss it. Funny how FOX and Friends have been so eager, so supportive of Newt Gingrich's drive to force a vote on offshore drilling and not only didn't question the short-term effect at the pump, but willfully echoed his false claims that even just lifting the ban would immediately lower prices, all evidence to the contrary.