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Rick Warren Boosts McCain's Candidacy Between The Lines. Did Warren Come Clean About Foreknowledge Of Forum Questions?

Reported by Ellen - August 19, 2008 -

Rick Warren was on Hannity & Colmes last night (8/18/08) putting on a neutral face about his Saddleback forum over the weekend. But buried just below the surface was a fair amount of pro-McCain, anti-Obama sentiment. Furthermore, though Warren claimed that only Obama knew of questions in advance, a spokesman told the Washington Post that both candidates got an advance look. With video.

It seemed to me that the questions during the forum were tilted to favor McCain, too. During his Hannity & Colmes interview last night, Warren lamented that he had not had a chance to ask about global warming, AIDS and world poverty. These are the kinds of issues that Obama-leaning evangelicals care about. Is it just a coincidence that Warren used up his time asking about the issues on which McCain and evangelicals agree? I don’t think so.

On Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity began the interview by asking Warren about the controversy over the possibility that John McCain may have heard the questions before he went on. Warren called it “a totally bogus issue." Warren said, "There’s no way he could have heard the questions." But nobody discussed the possibility that someone may have texted them to McCain, or texted them to someone who told McCain.

Warren made it seem as though the only one with an unfair advantage was Barack Obama. Warren said he told Barack Obama about one of the questions that Warren never had the chance to tell McCain because he had arrived late. “So actually, it was Barack who got a question answered (sic) in advance.”

Which is odd because in today’s Washington Post, a spokesman for Warren is quoted as saying both candidates had an advance look at a few questions.

Warren made an effort not to show favoritism but it was hard not to see it in Warren's summation of the two candidates. “(Obama) likes to nuance things... He’s a Constitutional attorney,” Warren said. “And a lot of people, that appeals to them.”

Then Warren said, “On the other hand, John McCain is the happy, straightforward warrior, the commander.”

In Part 2, Hannity asked Warren about Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Warren said that because Wright led Obama to Christ, that excuses “a multitude of sins.” Warren also noted that “God uses imperfect people... to lead people to Christ.”

“On the other hand,” Warren continued, “I couldn’t sit in a church where America was downgraded the way it was in the clips that I heard.”

Fair enough, but then Warren continued gratuitously, “Black liberation theology is an even more extreme version of liberation theology which started in Latin America and has been totally discredited. It was basically Marxism in Christian format and it’s pretty much dead.”

Warren refused to say who he plans to vote for but in other words he has already told us.