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More glowing reviews of McCain at Saddleback

Reported by Chrish - August 19, 2008 -

There was virtually no political news during the hour of FOX and Friends I saw this morning 8/19/08 save for a few questions directed to FL Gov. Charlie Crist, on to talk about tropical storm Fay. The rest of the program was a collage of clips on just a few stories - Michael Phelps, a guy kite-surfing in Fay who landed in the ICU, Caylee/Casey Anthony ad nauseum, and the Big Foot find exposed as a (gasp!) hoax, and some odds and ends.

During the Charlie Crist interview, Steve Doocy tried to segue into the imminent vice-presidential selections ("...Barack Obama is finally going to reveal who his number two is," were his exact words, although McCain has yet to announce his veep and he's had the nomination locked up since March). Crist shrugged it off and said his focus was the storm and preparations, but Gretchen Carlson persisted and asked instead would he mind commenting on the Saddleback events? Crist obliged, and we were once again blanketed with supportive words about McCain: he was pleased with the straight talk, forthright, he speaks from the heart what he believes in his soul, it's hard not to admire, respect, and care deeply, sincerity, genuineness, and McCain understands (and he referenced the Declaration of INdependence) that drilling offshore will "insure that we have sufficient domestic supply of oil" and stop the tranfer of wealth to "people who don't like us." Gag.

Now I know Crist supports McCain but this gushing of hyperbole was apropos of nothing newsworthy, not balanced by an Obama supporter, and clearly inserted at the hosts' urging for nothing other than propaganda reasons.