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Coulter: Obama Wants Doctors Chasing A Baby Through Delivery Room To Make Sure It Gets Killed

Reported by Ellen - August 19, 2008 -

FOX News trotted out the ethically-challenged Ann “Boombox” Coulter to speak on behalf of Christian values on last night’s (8/18/08) Hannity & Colmes. In critiquing Barack Obama’s comments in Rick Warren’s Saddleback forum over the weekend, Coulter falsely and outrageously claimed that Obama wants to make sure babies born after a botched abortion will be killed. Then, after a coquettish remark to the married Alan Colmes, Coulter boasted about “madly flashing” Sean Hannity during the forum. With video.

Hannity, who quite happily supported pro-choice Rudy Giuliani, has been on a roll attacking Obama over his vote against an Illinois law that would have protected infants after a botched abortion procedure. As Media Matters has noted and Colmes later did, too, Obama’s opposition to the Illinois bill was due to the fact that he felt it threatened women’s right to choose while criminal statutes already in force protected infants.

Yet Hannity not only continued distorting Obama’s record, his bias was reinforced by FOX News producers who put together an unbalanced panel accompanied by a series of anti-Obama banners on the screen. Besides Coulter, there was conservative Dennis Prager whose anti-Muslim bigotry so offended his fellow Holocaust Memorial Council members that they took the highly unusual step of censuring him. The supposed Democrat was Pat Caddell. Caddell’s punditry is notable for the extent to which he echoes Republican talking points, rather than advocates for Democrats. I believe the last time I saw him on Hannity & Colmes, he was predicting serious trouble for Barack Obama in the primaries.

Coulter falsely said about Obama that he “wants the doctors, you know, chasing (an infant born after a botched abortion) through the delivery room to make sure it gets killed.” Can you imagine if a Democrat said a similar thing about, say, McCain's warmongering? But it's a safe bet Coulter will be welcomed back warmly on "we like America" FOX News.

In addition to her ethical challenges, Coulter has repeatedly called for murder, unlike Obama. She has “joked” about poisoning Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and assassinating President Clinton and Senator Lincoln Chafee. But last night Coulter got on her high horse about the sanctity of human life. Referring to Obama’s “above my pay grade” comments at the Saddleback forum, Coulter said, “What kind of moral principle says ‘I don’t know when life begins so kill it.’ No, if you don’t know when life begins, you err on the side of life, at least if you’re a decent human being.”

Meanwhile, the banners on the lower part of the screen read: NY Sun: Obama Facing Attacks From All sides over abortion record; Obama tries to maneuver around politics of abortion; More questions raised about Obama’s past position on abortion.

When Colmes began, “Christian values” Coulter, who rarely passes up an opportunity to flirt with the married Colmes, said coquettishly, “Poor Alan.”

“The fact of the matter is that Barack Obama was very clear,” Colmes said to Caddell. “He felt, and other Democrats felt, that the language in the (Illinois) state bill was different than the one in the federal bill, and secondly, there already was protection in Illinois for this kind of thing. The suggestion that Barack Obama wants to go and chase babies once they’re out of the womb and kill them is absurd.”

Caddell agreed but he immediately moved on to say that this may “charge up” evangelicals to vote for John McCain. “I don’t think this will go away,” Caddell gloomily predicted. In Part 2 of the discussion (not included in the video below), Caddell said he thought Obama “did very well” in the forum. But Caddell quickly added, “I thought John McCain was actually very strong, much stronger. But the point is, on this Illinois thing, I’m not sure it will go away.”

Hannity said he had never seen McCain better than in that forum and wanted to know if Coulter agreed.

She cackled and said, “I was flashing you madly during that debate. I was shocked.”

Colmes groaned.