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Cavuto Hoping for a Big Fight in Denver Next Week

Reported by Melanie - August 19, 2008 -

Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, hosted another ticked off Hillary Clinton delegate today (August 19, 2008) — David Serrano Sewell — for the umpteenth time since they became a fave of his in late may. (The only ticked off Republican who has been on the show since May was Douglas Kmiec of Republicans for Obama who appeared on August 12.)

The topic of the segment was a CBS/New York Times poll showing that 28% of Democratic delegates think Barack Obama should pick Hillary Clinton as his VP. Cavuto hyped the potential for a fight, asking Sewell if "these angry people" are going to "bolt?" Sewell said "I don't think they bolt, but there will be some questions that the delegates will ask," and then he listed why Clinton would be a great VP.

Today's segment dovetailed nicely (if you're trying to stoke ratings for next week), with one that Cavuto hosted yesterday, featuring "presidential historian" (why a "presidential historian" would stoop this low is beyond me) Alan Lichtman, during which Lichtman and Cavuto had this exchange:

Cavuto: "This is the week for Barack Obama to start picking a running mate, some say, and a lot of those people are saying that the short list folks are already shutting up. They're already beefing up. Some have beards sprouting up. So what's up? Can stuff like this help tell who is in and who is out? Reaction now from presidential historian Alan Lichtman. He is also author of White Protestant Nation. Alan, any telltale signs for you?"

Lichtman: "Hillary Cinton's star is rising. Look, with Russia rampaging, America may need an iron lady, Margaret Thatcher-type of its own. And I've also heard she's getting her face touched up a bit which may mean she still has a hope of getting the nomination at the convention or she's getting ready to be vice president."

Cavuto: "Now, (a) we don't know if that's right, and (b) we don't know if she were getting worked on it's just for her big speech. It's a big moment."

Lichtman: "We have no idea..."

Cavuto: "No we don't.

Lichtman: "...Whether any of this is true. That's right. It's all speculation"

Cavuto: "....That's right...."

Some screen shots from the segment:



Comment: It's ALL speculation — today's segment with Sewell and yesterday's segment with "presidential historian" Lichtman. Fox is clearly hoping there will be a big fight in Denver next week. (Of course, "fair and balanced" Cavuto isn't talking about problems at the RNC, like McCain hiring a Hollywood agent (Yikes! Hollywood? Those liberal hedonists!) to make his convention more "glamorous," or about how Republicans are staying away in droves so as not to be associated with the party.)