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“Campaign”Carl Cameron Does McCain Campaign Commercials Full Of the Usual Spin (Part Two)

Reported by Priscilla - August 19, 2008 -

As promised, I’m back with another installment of the “Campaign Carl” tells sweet little lies about John McCain traveling road show. (And btw, Think Progress has a piece about Carl’s problems with the truth in which they link to moi!) As I noted in my earlier thread, “campaign” Carl just couldn’t get enough of a good piece of propaganda and during the 6PM Special Report, he even revved it up a notch (hard to believe it could get worse; but it did!)

Instead of merely reporting that John McCain addressed a VFW group, he said that John McCain “received a warm reception when he slammed Barack Obama.” (Comment: language (“slamming” being very subjective) is a very important component of propaganda.) Cameron said McCain Obama’s lack of military service is the reason why Obama has “taken liberties with our GI Bill.” (Comment: you mean the bill you tried to destroy?) Cameron’s nose grew longer with the statement that “Obama and other Democrats routinely accuse McCain of opposing veterans’ benefits when in fact, the opposite is true.” (Comment: see my earlier post for debunking of that whopper.) Cameron talked about how McCain’s background stands in “stark contrast” to Obama when he (McCain) talks about himself.” Cameron then played some of McCain’s comments about “victory” in Iraq and concluded with yet another right wing lying point: “Just like McCain, the Iraqis say any timetable has to be backed up by conditions on the ground.” (Comment: If Fox is trying to do funny, fake news then they are quite successful. But hey, if you don’t like the real news, then make something up!! It’s not surprising that Fox viewers have far less knowledge of current events than viewers of Stewart and Colbert!) But about Cameron’s last comment – no, Carl, Iraq’s Prime Minister, Mr. Al-Maliki, did NOT say anything about “conditions on the ground.” According to an article in the Times Online (owned by your parent company) it was the Pentagon, in a “rebuff to Al Maliki,” which said that any timetable would be articifical and withdrawal would depend on conditions on the ground. (Comment: fact checking would be nice; but who needs facts when you’re doing propaganda!)

Comment: “Campaign” Carl’s cheerleading routine (yay McCain) had some deft spins. Note to Carl Cameron: “Liar, liar, pants on fire. Your nose is long than a telephone wire…”