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“Campaign”Carl Cameron Does McCain Campaign Commercials Full Of the Usual Spin (Part One)

Reported by Priscilla - August 19, 2008 -

Last night (August 18th) Fox’s “Campaign” Carl Cameron was on a roll as he did two McCain booster reports on two different programs. On the 5PM “America’s Election HQ, hosted by E.D. Hill (whose idea of fair and balanced is to have just one person from the right wing Family Research Council discuss the Saddleback faith forum) Cameron’s partisanship wasn’t even thinly disguised. He followed this endorsement by another report during the 6PM “Special Report” which later included, in the panel discussion, a comment from Cameron in praise of John McCain. For free campaign ads, McCain can’t do any better than Fox News which is hardly “fair and balanced” in its ebullient praise of John McCain (Comment: and the right wing thinks that Obama is the “messiah.” Fox News is in the process of putting McCain on the path to sainthood. Stay tuned for miracles.) As the material is too extensive for just one thread, I will do a second.

During E.D.’s (does the “E” stand for Eva?) show, Cameron reported on McCain’s speech to a VFW group during which McCain touted his support for the recently passed G.I. bill, a bill developed and sponsored by Democratic Senator Jim Webb. Cameron claimed that McCain was originally opposed to the bill because it “didn’t proportionally give GI benefits to service men and women depending on how long they were on active duty. He thought it should be more proportionally based. He fought for it and it was inserted into the legislation and McCain supported it.” Cameron went on to say that “on every veterans’ issues, McCain has always voted for benefits notwithstanding his opposition to Democratic alternatives along the way.”

Comment: Whoa, stop right there. Think Progress has an excellent history (here and here) of McCain’s attempt to take credit for the Webb bill which he opposed. McCain’s alternative bill had less generous educational benefits because McCain felt that the Webb bill would lead to a drop in military retention – a claim rebutted by the Congressional Budget Office. What Cameron didn’t say was that McCain was trying to take credit for a bill that he tried to destroy. Cameron didn’t note that the Webb bill was supported by the VFW or that the VFW will be awarding Webb with a citation of merit. During his speech to the VFW, McCain also touted his veterans’ health care proposals which many veterans groups object to; but, naturally, Cameron didn’t mention this in his homage to his candidate. Cameron was wrong when he said that McCain’s benefit plan was “inserted” into the bill because the benefits in the final bill were at the higher level endorsed by Senators Webb, Hagel, and Warner. And the claim that McCain has always voted for benefits is rebutted by this veterans group. (Obviously, “phony soldiers”) Other summaries of McCain’s not so perfect record when it comes to veterans are found here and here. But when Fox News does a campaign commercial, endorsing their candidate, truth becomes the first casualty.