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Some Obama Smearing O'Reilly Didn't Want "Folks" To Miss

Reported by Deborah - August 18, 2008 -

John Kasich, filling in for Bill O'Reilly, on Friday, 8/15, interviewed Floyd Brown, National Campaign Fund about his recent ad smearing Barack Obama. Brown, famous for destroying Michael Dukakis with his Willy Horton ad, would like to have a repeat performance with Barack Obama. O'Reilly apparently wanted to offer Brown his support but between the Olympics and his absence, Friday was an off night. However, O'Reilly made sure "the folks" didn't miss seeing this Obama smear segment placing it on the FOX website where his TPM is usually located.

Kasich had no problem with the foreign language ad "All right, Floyd. I look at the, you know, this ad on this Spanish, his Spanish statement. I think it's fair game." Then Kasich brought up Brown's ads about Obama being a Muslim. (It's hard to say if Kasich was operating like BOR pretending to take offense but, in reality, just wanting to bring it up)

Brown responded, "Well, John, I say was he a Muslim? I don't think he's a Muslim right now. But what we have is a Barack Obama who has created kind of a cult personality around a biography that doesn't exist. Bill O'Reilly calls him the mystery man. I think that's absolutely correct."

Kasich offered a decent defense but the fact remains that Brown was given a forum on national television enabling him to say things like this.

"John, I want to answer this specifically. Because he goes around and says, "I am a product of Kansas values. I was raised and inculcated with Kansas values." His mother was an atheist, and that's no Kansas value. Just like it's no Ohio value. It's no American value."

Brown was also given the opportunity by Bill O'Reilly and FOX News to ad some little extras just to spark some curiosity about the " mystery" candidate.

" I've never done an ad on the white woman that he lived with for a year after Columbia University. I mean, I think that's out of bounds. I would never do an ad on that woman, for example."

"And you know, when he was in high school, one of the things that this whole Jerome Corsi controversy has shown to us, because they put out this 42-page booklet on him, they have confirmed for the first time who the mysterious Frank is."..."Americans want to know the mysterious Frank."

A very detailed explanation of "the mysterious Frank" can be found on page 9 in Obama's rebuttal of Corsi's book, Unfit for Publication

It is really amazing that Bill O'Reilly claims he has been fair to Barack Obama and actually wonders why the Senator has avoided The Factor.