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Cavuto Implies that McCain Is Trying to Protect Us From the Next Hitler

Reported by Melanie - August 18, 2008 -

For the last several weeks, Neil Cavuto has aired two, three and sometimes four Obama-bashing segments per show on Your World (Fox's "business news" show), with nary a word to speak of about John McCain. Today (August 18, 2008), the week started to repeat itself, with the first 20 minutes alone containing two anti-Obama segments: "Did McCain's Clear Answer on Abortion [Saturday night at Saddleback] Beat Obama's Cautious One?" and, "Obama Supporters Ticked Off as Clinton's Get 'Star Treatment' at the Convention." Halfway in, I said that's it; I'm going to start a post and add to it every day and chronicle the totally overweight negative time spent on Obama.

But then, lo and behold, up pops Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate, and he's doing a segment captioned: "Barr to McCain: Cut Out the 'Blustering' on Russia." I thought what?! Is Fox going to do a segment bashing McCain? Maybe Fox is turning on the "fair and balanced" and they're going to change the ratio from 748/0 to 748/1. But NO! I forgot to factor in Neil Cavuto, the "fair and balanced journalist." He was there to do McCain's bidding and to protect McCain from any bad press. As a matter of fact, he was there to make McCain look like a visionary, a great protector because he sees things we don't see. He sees — senses, has the wisdom, the experience — to read the Russia/Georgia conflict as being akin to pre-World War II and Hitler! Silly me for thinking that a bad word about a Republican would sneak by Fox's microphones what with "journalists" like Cavuto guarding the gate.

Here's what happened.

Barr called McCain's comments on the Georgia/Russia conflict "silly" and "irresponsible." His essential point was that we shouldn't necessarily "become involved" in conflicts such as this. Instead, we should, "be aware of them, be concerned, try and mediate." There "certainly are pressures that can be brought — it's not like we ought to back away and say we have no interest whatsoever here," but he thinks it's "fool hearty" and "very simplistic to be jumping into these sorts of disputes."

Advocating on behalf of war man McCain, Cavuto blew the matter totally out of proportion, asking: "Is your position that, even though you see signs of militaristic activity, as we would have seen with Hitler in the '30's, you'd just ignore it until you can't ignore it anymore or do you act preemptively as essentially McCain seems to be advocating; that you don't ignore this. It's to your own peril if you do?"

Barr said, "I don't see that this is another Munich and that's part of I think what..."

Cavuto, interrupting: "How do you know?"

Barr: "Because. Because..."

Cavuto, interrupting again: "I mean, they just set up missiles. If that's a guest's way of leaving Congressman."

Comment: Last week Cavuto announced that the Cold War was back and he kicked W. out of the White House and put McCain in, so this comes as no real surprise. Elevating the Georgia/Russia conflict beyond the Cold War, to that of World War II (in the neocons dreams!), comes as no surprise either nor does the fact that Cavuto, who calls himself a "journalist," would advocate on behalf of one candidate or another. So there aren't any surprises here, just deep sadness that this is what passes as "fair and balanced news" around here.