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Jerome Corsi is the victim, says FOX

Reported by Chrish - August 17, 2008 -

I had equipment failure Friday so totally missed FOX and Friends, but RawStory caught this little gem: "Fox suggests swiftboat author being swiftboated himself." Aawww, is the smear merchant being called out publicly this time? Compare and contrast this defense with the attacks on Scott McClellan, Richard Clarke, and Paul O'Neill, and get back to me on that fairandbalanced thing.

One note: in the video Steve Doocy states that the book is number one on the NYTimes bestseller list with a "dagger," which (per Doocy) means "The New York Times is saying [Corsi's] book, Obama Nation, is being bought in bulk by a bunch of conservatives." Corsi says that's not true, "the sales are all retail sales." But per the NYT website, "A dagger (+) indicates that some bookstores report receiving bulk orders."

It's a propaganda twofer: Doocy is misstating the Times policy and falsely ascribing an accusation to them, and he and Corsi give an incorrect impression that the sales are all individual. The sales may indeed be retail, but the customers are buying in bulk, per the stores' own reporting to the New York Times. Corsi can't cherry-pick which portions of the retailers' reporting he wants to believe - it's got to be all or nothing.