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Hate Mail and Mail Meant For Fox (What the?)

Reported by Melanie - August 17, 2008 -

Okay folks. It's time for another edition of the News Hounds' hate mail. Here's what has rolled in since our last hate mail post (July 14). Astonishing as it is, we also get mail meant for Fox News, which I have also included. How anyone could confuse us with Fox is beyond me. Guess that says something about FNC's audience, huh? Anyway, the emails below are exact replicas — typos, grammatical errors and all.

(August 17, 2008)

Fox Mail - July 15: Subject: 5 little girls at Texas Tech University

Hello Ms. Greta,

Please show this Video on your next Fox Show!

We watch your program each night!

God Bless.




Subject: 5 little girls at Texas Tech University

National Anthem


Texas Tech University Basketball game, Feb 9th, National Anthem sung by

5 young ladies. I've never heard it performed better than this! An entire

arena remains completely silent throughout the entire song.

If you want to hear the National

Anthem done to perfection by a group of young ladies that will give you

goose bumps, turn up the sound and sit back, they should have been chosen

for the Super Bowl.

Fox Mail - July 22. Subject: Neil Cavuto

Has Mr. Cauvto left the Fox News Orginization or is he ill? I miss him very much. He is one great person in my opinion. Hopefully he isn't ill.

July 25, 2008. Subject: "your web site."

You're web sit eis an absolute Joke. Why don't you monitor CNN so we don't have to hear the Liberal Bias, also, CBC, NBC, MSNBC. The only news outlet that gives opinions from both sides of the isle is Fox news. The only other show is Glenn beck on Msnbc. And for gods name, i do not know how a conserative pundit revieved a talking points show. By in which is 10 to 1 to most popular show on the network by the way, week after week.
Your web site is actually an insult to more than half of America and is laughable.

I hope you bask in you're ignorance and Liberal agenda as it takes you no where in life.

Two days later:

I already get what CNN, MSNBC, FOX, AlGezerra, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc does in a 3 hour program that quotes thems, finds there lies, counters there claims and lays out questions that are never responed to. And it is all because Rush Limbaugh does it with Humor, but yet fact, the networks will not come on his show. They will be either ripped to shreds on any story published or not, and they are so biased they hide behind the sunday Liberal gallop poll crew. It is sickeneing.
I only need to listen to either Glenn Beck or Mr Limbaugh to hear exactly what every liberal media show will be doing for the week in advance, and he or they are 99.9% accurate. Glad to say for our conservative pundit friends, sorry to hear for the liberals that have to deal with his predictions. Keith Olbermerheimershnitz, His name was my name too before he opened his mouth and i changed it.
Take Care.

And since 2006 the us economy took a dive, oil prices have doubled, inflation and mortgage loans have trippled, The dollar has lost 1/4 of its value, who controlled the legislative or congress and senate after 2006 and made laws with the majority vote?? Bush?? Or Pelosi ??. Who keeps the oil prices rising with speculation thru 2 major firms, Pelosi and Gore???? Or Bush
He was said to be a dead duck after 2006 and the democrats controlled all fiscial responisibility here after. Seems they did there usual job after only 2 years, where Bush kept the USA alive after 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Etc.
Now the golden Messiah Boracks out to shut down the US as a global Power, Pre-emptively telling countries, we will eliminate every nuke by 2010, DUH!!!!!!!, While Iran builds hundreds!!!! as if he was the president what his plans are, and so far, its a 80 to 20 NO way MAN!!!!!!!. Youre insane and you know nothing!!!!!!. ANd i will talk with my hypnotoad eye to Achmanadinjhad and put Peace into his heart that has been raised for the past 50 years on the Hatred based on Islam's clutch, Death to Israel and Death to the infidels, especially America, Europe, All of mankind who do not believe in the persian empire and allah!!!!!. Gone in a majic obama wand that said, i can CHANGE THIS!!!!!!. CHANGE IS THE CHANGE THAT CHANGE IS NEEDED FOR CHANGEING THE CHANGE THAT CHANGE HAS NEEDED TO CHANGE THE CHANGE THAT CHANGE HAS NEEDED TO CHANGE!!!!, ?? dee dee dee
I hope he learns some important leassons before he comes home, like, shut youre mouth and listen to peope in power. not just in the US senate where you have done absolutely nothing!!!!. Just collected a paycheck and benefits.
The boy has a lot to learn, and this is not his time to be president. Not in a long shot!!.

Fox Mail - July 28, 2008. Subject: "what happened to Neil????"

Where's Neil? I hope he is not ill. We haven't seen him for weeks. Could someone on fox news let people know where he is or if he is still on Your World. I love to watch that show and sure is not the same with out him.
Friends in NH

July 30, 2008. Subject: Joke

And that Joke is you. I suppose your site is Journalism? You are so filled with hate that you cannot be objective. I will pray for you.

July 31, 2008. Subject: Fox News

Thanks for your offer to watch Fox so I won't have to, but I find them to be the only source for news where you can hear both sides. All you get on the other channels is obama spama.

July 31, 2008. Subject: "O'Reilly"

Hey, I notice you find fault with nearly everything Bill O'Reilly says EXCEPT when he criticizes Bush, such as when he said Bush has had no energy policy and that the Iraq war is a catastrophe and that Bush is out of touch with Americans. He criticizes Cheney all the time,too. You're not giving people the full view of O'Reilly, which is more of an Independent than a Right Winger. You're just idealogically driven and you're not objective in your criticisms, so your website is really nothing more than a left-wing diatribe. You'll get people to look at your blog who have the same mindset, but, in the end, you really are not objective and sensible people like me will not go to your site with any regularity. You're shooting yourselves in the foot and you'll never be viewed with respect by the mainstream. If you're happy with being a rant site for left-wing loons, that seems like a real sad waste of bandwidth and time.

Fox Mail - July 31, 2008. Subject: voter fraud in mississippi [omitted] county

My name is [omitted] and for the last 16 years voter fraud has been going on .We are in a county of mostly blacks. And payments for votes all kinds of stuff has happen. There are [omitted} Executive Committees .Which I am a member of a all white committee. Because all the blacks walked out on the March 15 th meeting to pick new members.
There are 25 blacks who are think they run this place.The ring leader is [omitted] then [omitted]. And if you report any thing about this please do not say my name are these people will kill me. they have already tried to kill one person in a house fire. Myself along with a few others have tried to stand up to these people. I want this story to get to Shepard Smith because he is from Mississippi. I have names and numbers you can call and these people will tell you the story of a life time.

[List of six men and women and their telephone numbers.]

Thank-you for your time and please help us get the news out about what is going on in Mississippi

August 1, 2008. Subject: You old gals are too much!

With your terminal stupidity and your terminal PMS,

one wonders which will take you down first!

You have a lot to be ashamed of.

August 8, 2008: Subject: FOX NEWS

In Fox We Trust

God Bless Bill O'Reilly

you lot are a bunch of left wing loons, go turn the aircon down a notch, else the planets going to spontaneously combust.


August 10, 2008. Subject: Look What I Found By Accident! GEEZ!

News Hounds: Listen Up, Liberals! Enter the FOX & Friends Sweepstakes - Win a Free Trip to New York, Appearance on the Show and a 42" Plasma HDTV!

Don't you think you should take this site off the web by now? It's WAY past May 2006. C'mon! Thanks!

August 14, 2008. Subject: (No subject)

I guess you whiney liberals are just jealous that Fox is constantly number 1; and therefore have to try to tear it down.The ratings show its what the American people want, not fringe nut cases like "Newshounds"!

Fox Mail - August 15, 2008. Subject: Just Curious

A few years ago, I decided "Fox News" would be my spot (on tv) for finding out what's going on in the world. I was convinced that the "news" was presented in a way that would be fair, and complete, for all concerned.
I have enjoyed watching stories that some networks wouldn't even touch, let alone present it without bias. There has been a change lately in the way "news" is selected and presented ; as well as followed up on your network. I don't know if you have a new "boss" or just what's going on, but I don't enjoy this new change.

First -
it seems you will grab onto a particular story and ride that thing to the hilt with no concern of the thousands of other stories that are going on at the present time throughout the world.(such as the GOOD things our soldiers are doing)

the programmed screaming matches between two or three invited guests only shows a lack of maturity on the program directors part, and contributes nothing for the "watcher". This ofcouurse stirs up "ratings" which apparently is more important. I (at that point) change channels emmediately.We the watchers are NOT all children.

There is no follow through on important news of the day. The "story" quickly goes to the top of the list and stays there for a millenium, and then.......
falls off completely never to be heard of again. It's on with the next story leaving the viewer with no end, or closure to the story. (Obviously grabbing for ratings once again).

Don't get me wrong: I still feel "FOX NEWS" IS THE BEST OUT THERE, but
I feel it could be improved upon by the above suggestions.

Please stay cose to "Morality" "Accuracy""Follow up" and " Fairness" as you didin the beginning, which is what lured me to you in the first place
I am a 69 year old viewer with an oppinion, and wanted to share it.
Please keep up the good work. Let's just make it even better.

Thank you for reading. Would appreciate an answer if possible.