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FOX Hypes Baseless Speculation About Edwards

Reported by Ellen - August 16, 2008 -

“Real journalism” FOX News teased yet another segment about John Edwards the other night (8/14/08) with Sean Hannity saying, “Coming up next, a United States senator says she thinks in fact John Edwards IS (his emphasis) the father of his former mistress’ baby.” You might think this senator had some real knowledge about the issue. But no. The senator in question, Republican Susan Collins as it turned out, was just chatting on some unidentified talk show. She said, in a gossipy tone, “Don’t you think (Edwards) IS the father of the child... Would he be sneaking into the hotel in the middle of the night to see a child who’s NOT his? I don’t think so.” Collins may have a point but just because a senator said it doesn't give the speculation any more weight than if it came from a pundit, a gossip columnist or my co-worker in the next cubicle. With video.

To both hosts’ credit, nobody explored this “latest development” further and they continued a discussion about abortion that had started in the previous segment with their panel.