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Gov. Ed Rendell Thinks Fox Is the "Fairest" of Them All

Reported by Melanie - August 15, 2008 -

Right smack dab in the middle of an interview during which Neil Cavuto was bashing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell said he thought Fox "did the best job" covering primary and convention news. Rendell now officially joins the likes of Lanny Davis at being utterly clueless as to what Fox is all about.

Can you believe that Rendell didn't notice what was going on here:

Cavuto introduced Rendell (over this chyron, "Did Obama Let Clinton Hijack the Dem Convention?"): "Meanwhile, to what has been called the Clinton convention. Did Senator Barack Obama just blink? Growing outrage today over his decision to give Hillary Clinton exactly what she and her supporters want — a roll call vote on the convention floor." Reaction now from Ed Rendell. Governor, "you know how this plays out? Obama blinked and that he's, you know, kowtowing to the Clintons. That, you know, Bill's gonna speak in prime time. Hillary's going to speak in prime time. Chelsea's going to introduce her mom. I think there's a targeted speech for Socks [or was it Sox?] the cat, if it's still around. You know what I'm saying? That it's gotten a little out of control."

Rendell said that was, "A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing." Hillary Clinton has been "very strong" on the need to "look forward" and to "concentrate on electing Obama" and she's even done that "in the face of a number of her supporters who are trying to dig in their heels." This is Obama's "way, and I think it's a good way," to try to "diffuse the rest of the bitterness out there...It'll be fun."

Cavuto wondered if the delegates were "obliged to vote the way we think they're gonna vote," or "in other words, all you need is a few to switch and this nomination we think is Barack Obama's turns?"

Rendell said Obama has a 385 vote lead and he didn't think there would be "more than ten switches."

Cavuto said he "heard a guy this morning" who said there could be, "100 to 150 switches," to which Rendell replied, "He's smoking something...it's over."

Cavuto reminded Rendell of the Kennedy/Carter convention, the "tension convention at the convention," when Jimmy Carter provided an "olive branch and you know how that ended." Rendell said the Clintons' speeches are going to be "strong and effective speeches telling every American out there who wants to see progressive government they have to put everything behind them. They have to be for Barack Obama. All the roll call can do is make some people feel happy."

Cavuto wouldn't quit: "Yeah, but governor, it's not just the roll call — the whole Clinton family's in there and they're all getting showcased and they always seem to be ticked off. They're not happy." I talked to one Clinton supporter who said that "even if Barack Obama were to walk on water and take Hillary with him, they still hate him."

I interpreted that as Cavuto talking about a Hillary supporter, but apparently Rendell didn't: "Hillary doesn't hate Senator Obama. She wants him to win...this is all a bunch of bull. I really believe that and, you know I've always said Fox did the fairest job covering this, but I think this is basically media hype."

Boing! Yo, Ed. Listen to the question Cavuto asked you three seconds after you said that: "Do you think though governor that the fact that the polls are so close, that, fairly or not, I know you disagree on this point, that some interpret Senator Obama's reaction to the whole Russia/Georgia thing, was tepid? It seemed unsure...that his poll numbers have gone down," and he might look to Hillary Clinton because "the numbers seem to say she would afford him a better ticket chance?"

Rendell said, "Hillary Clinton helps the electoral math for Barack Obama" this much — and he held one hand about six inches above the other — "and if he called me for advice, that is what I'd tell him." Obama talks a lot about the book, Team of Rivals, so "there's an indication there that it might just happen. I'm still holding out hope."

Comment: So, this segment insinuated that (1) Obama is so weak he can allegedly be overpowered and dominated by the Clintons; (2) the Democrats are so fractured and Obama is so unliked that there is still a chance that he might be tossed aside in favor of Hillary; (3) Obama's reaction to the Russia/Georgia conflict was so wimpy, timid and hesitant and he is so lacking in toughness that (4) even the selection of a woman as his VP might help him...and Ed Rendell thinks Fox has been the fairest of them all?! Me thinks that the likes of Rendell and Davis (and Howard Wolfson, for that matter) should, once and for all, get off their Hillary soap boxes and truly commit to the Democratic party and to rallying around Barack Obama and take a step back from Hillary's love of Fox.