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FOX News “Extra Fair” To Corsi

Reported by Ellen - August 15, 2008 -

Discredited author Jerome Corsi has gotten several segments on Hannity & Colmes without an opposing guest to discuss his book attacking Barack Obama. The Obama team has issued a 40-page counter-attack, called Unfit for Publication, and hinted of further pushback. Hannity & Colmes held a discussion about that last night (8/14/08) but this one got a single segment in which the Obama-supporter shared the time with a book-defender. For good measure, the crawl along the bottom of the screen gave Corsi's view an extra plug by suggesting that Obama is a Muslim who later belonged to a radical black church. With video.

Putting aside the imbalance in the set-up, it was actually a pretty decent discussion. Democratic spokesman Rich Masters and Alan Colmes did a good job of pointing out the errors and falsehoods in the book and revealing the kinds of credibility problems of its author.

The conservative guest was Hugh Hewitt, who has some credibility problems of his own.

Even with the extra advantages his side has gotten, “tough guy” Sean Hannity did not have the fortitude to listen to much of Masters’ argument. Hannity repeatedly interrupted Masters and stopped him from speaking. Hannity, who has yet to explain his own past association with Neo-Nazi/white supremacist Hal Turner, also made a big deal about Obama’s associations, as if that had anything to do with the integrity of Corsi’s book.

Then, in the next segment, the following chyron ran across the screen:

Obama camp writes 40-page rebuttal letter to author of The Obama Nation which claims the Il Senator is a dangerous radical pres candidate. Obama camp calls Jerome Corsi’s book “rehearsed lies” and says Corsi is a discredited, fringe bigot. Book is a compilation of allegations against Obama including that he was raised a Muslim and attended a radical black church.

Somehow “We report. You decide” FOX News didn’t show the viewers any of Corsi’s bigoted statements, though they’re whoppers. Yet “fair and balanced” FOX did find time to enumerate two of Corsi’s more incendiary, racially-fraught allegations, that Obama was raised a Muslim and attended a “radical black church.” Not just a radical church, but a radical black church.