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FOX busted again for disguising interviewee's background

Reported by Chrish - August 15, 2008 -

Heidi Beirich writes at Alternet: FOX News Calls White Supremacist, Holocaust Denier and Anti-Semite a 'Free Speech Activist'. On the Live Desk 8/4/08, FOX correspondent Steve Brown presented a clip from Paul Fromm, identified only as a "free speech activist," about complaints of hate speech brought against frequent FOX guest Mark Steyn. But FOX failed to reveal Fromm's own reputation as "Canada's most notorious extremist, whose views form a trifecta of hate: he's a white supremacist, a Holocaust denier and an anti-Semite. And he's got a history of extremism a mile long."

Beirich doesn't argue the pros or cons of Steyn's prosecution in Canada, but rather focuses on Fromm's background and FOX's failure to let viewers know exactly whose views they were listening to. This is another example of FOX presenting "experts" whose credentials leave something to be desired.

Video from the August 4th program: