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O'Reilly Promotes Doubt About Michelle Obama

Reported by Deborah - August 14, 2008 -

Most O"Reilly viewers consider the weekly body language segment to be entertaining fluff with distinct partisan overtones. When Republicans are analyzed by Reiman the innuendo is rarely damaging but it is pretty safe to say that O'Reilly's choice of Democrats for this segment are usually people he wants viewers to doubt. Last night's lineup included George Bush, Michelle Obama and John Edwards. George Bush's analysis was amusing and complimentary and the selection of Edwards not surprising. However, why did he include Michelle Obama?

BOR, looking amused, wanted to know why Bush had his thumb out during an interview. Reiman claimed it was a signal of power. He might have asked Reiman what slapping the rear of a bikini clad volleyball player signified or what it means to use a flag as a fidget toy at the Olympics but that sure didn't happen.

Michelle Obama was analyzed for keeping her eyes open wide during an interview question about her husband being tagged "elitist". Reiman noted that it usually means " Can you believe this?" Then she softened the explanation and neither suggested anything directly negative about Mrs. Obama's expression but the doubt was cast. Of course, it also reminded viewers that Barack Obama is considered elitist and his wife needs to defend him.

While viewers still retained the image of the Obamas, focus switched to another Democratic couple, John and Elizabeth Edwards in order to make a connection. The Edwards , once considered the ideal couple like the Obamas, have disappointed America. If Elizabeth Edwards defended her husband just like Michelle Obama, will Barack Obama turn out to be the next John Edwards?