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Hannity Uses Another Bogus Excuse For McCain’s Infidelity, Ignores Rudy Giuliani’s

Reported by Ellen - August 14, 2008 -

John Edwards was back on the menu at Hannity & Colmes last night (8/13/08) albeit with fewer fireworks than the night before. Democrats Kirsten Powers and Alan Colmes (in another unbalanced panel of two conservatives to one Democrat) did a fine job of arguing that if you’re going to condemn Edwards’ infidelity, you have to condemn John McCain’s, too. Hannity hilariously excused McCain with a melodramatic speech about his POW ordeal and then claimed that McCain “wasn’t the same person when he got back, for a short period of time.” But in fact, McCain’s extramarital affair with now-wife Cindy occurred six years after he came home from Viet Nam and a couple of years into his stint as Navy liaison to the Senate. Meanwhile, Hannity never did explain why Rudy Giuliani should get a pass even though Giuliani had been on the show earlier that night. With video.

With maximum Hanctimony, Hannity told Powers, “You can’t possibly understand, nor can any of us, what it would be like to be in a POW camp for five and a half years, never knowing if you’re gonna get out, getting your bones broken every day and tortured and then think you’re gonna be the same person.”

Powers answered, “Sean, how can you make a case like that? ...He was dating Cindy McCain while he was married to somebody else. He had the capacity to date her but he can’t be with his wife? That if you’re a POW, you can cheat on your wife?”

Hannity said, “You know what? He wasn’t the same person when he got back, for a short period of time. And why can’t you understand and put that in context?”

Uh, maybe because he didn’t hook up with Cindy until six years after he got home? According to the New York Times, McCain came home from Viet Nam in 1973. The Arizona Republic reports that McCain met Cindy Hensley (now McCain) in 1979. As this article in The Times makes clear, McCain had been working as a Navy liaison to the Senate since about 1977, two years before he met CIndy. The Times described McCain's life as a liaison:

"(He sampled) life in the world’s most exclusive club as he escorted its members on trips around the globe — sitting with the sultan of Oman on the floor of his desert tent, or smuggling a senator’s private supply of Scotch through Saudi Arabian customs.

He had found a sense of purpose in an apprenticeship to some of the Senate’s fiercest cold warriors. And in Senator John G. Tower, a hawkish Texas Republican, he had found a new mentor, beginning a relationship that many compared to the bond between a father and son.

It hardly sounds like someone in the throes of PTSD.

In a sulky voice, Hannity ended the segment by saying, “I love how Democrats and liberals, who’ve never spent a day in battle or conflict don’t applaud what (McCain) did for five and a half years nor did they give him any texture or context to that.”

Kind of the same treatment the non-serving Hannity gave veteran Kerry, eh?

And, by the way, I urge everyone to email Hannity and ask him what the texture and context for Giuliani’s infidelities are.