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FOX Friends interview "reporter" from National Enquirer

Reported by Chrish - August 14, 2008 -

FOX and Friends hosted Alexander Hitchen from the National Enquirer this morning 8/14/08 to detail the confrontation with former Senator John Edwards in a Hollywood hotel. HItchens voiced his concern for Elizabeth Edwards and the Edwards children as he gave details about his accosting Edwards about his "mistress and love child." Hitchens congratulated FOX News for being the first in the mainstream media to "independently verify" the story.

Something about the blind leading the blind...

In the checkout line at K-Mart yesterday, I saw a Globe tabloid that screamed

Splitsville for Laura and George!

"DESPITE the smiling public appearances, angry Laura Bush has secretly split with the president and is shopping for her own home in Dallas, White House insiders tell GLOBE. In a blockbuster world exclusive, this week's issue blows the lid off the couple's final showdown as sources reveal where Laura is living and George Bush's bouts with whiskey! You won't want to miss a single word."

Where's the mainstream media on that one? Inquiring minds want to know. Will FOX independently verify this bombshell, or ignore it?

HItchen promises more to come on the money trail, and we fully expect FOX to be all over it. We all know FOX is obsessing on this Edwards story to milk all possible damage to Democrats. Sordid Republican affairs (including John McCain's, Newt Gingrich's and Rudy Giuliani's), some involving hypocritical homosexuals and minors, are quickly rotated off the front page. FOX has managed to keep this one on the front page for six days now; at one point it was relegated to the "Latest News" section, headlines only, but they've manged to resurrect it to the top three with "new information" about Elizabeth Edwards' anguish.

Their respect and concern would be touching if not so transparently insincere.

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