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Corsi and Waldman, fair and balanced. On CNN.

Reported by Chrish - August 14, 2008 -

Poor Jerome Corsi, such a victim of ad hominem attacks. It strikes me that the author of two books attacking the Democratic presidential nominees (or presumed nominee in Obama's case) in two consecutive American presidential election years, both filled with lies and innuendo, hasn't a moral leg to stand on. He's been welcomed with open arms all over FOX News channel but the fairest and most in-depth debate to date occurred on CNN's Larry King Live, where Media Matters representative Paul Waldman confronts Corsi forcefully.

I know, I know, not FOX. But this is important, that we don't allow this kind of "swift-boating" campaign to succeed again. It has to be challenged and exposed as the junk it is, and we sure can't count on FOX to help find the truth.