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Bernie Goldberg: "I don't think Elizabeth Edwards is the saint the media has made her out to be."

Reported by Deborah - August 14, 2008 -

Bernard Goldberg managed to get a rise out of Jane Hall tonight, 8/14, during their weekly segment on The O'Reilly Factor when he criticized Elizabeth Edwards because she didn't stop her husband's presidential aspirations after learning about his affair. After Hall scolded him harshly, Goldberg continued his critique of Elzabeth while O'Reilly looked on uncomfortably.

The first part of the segment was predictable and useless stuff about Rev. Michael Pfleger mentioning O'Reilly and Hannity during a speech to journalists. It was just another opportunity for BOR to remind viewers of Wright and Pfleger and for Goldberg to talk about the liberal media and his years at CBS. Hall was annoyed enough to go after FOX News which is a rarity for her noting that the network went overboard playing the Wright clips over and over again.

When O'Reilly asked for a take on the Edwards story, Goldberg came out with, " I don't think Elizabeth Edwards is the saint the media makes her out to be." Hall brought up the despicable comment made by Rush Limbaugh but couldn't bring herself to repeat it word for word. Then she suggested that Goldberg was blaming Elizabeth for the affair like Limbaugh had done.

Goldberg had previously said " Nobody wants to go after Elizabeth Edwards because they feel sorry for her." Then, in response to Jane Hall he replied, "John Edwards has a lot of ambition and you know what, so does Elizabeth Edwards."