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George Clooney and Barack Obama

Reported by Chrish - August 13, 2008 -

The folks at FOX are all atwitter this morning with breathless revelations that a British newspaper reports that actor George Clooney is in close personal contact with Democratic candidate Barack Obama. It's OK by the talking heads that the Hollywood star has allegedly coached the politician on presentation, but they draw an indignant line at "advising" him on matters of policy. They are striving to ridicule both and FOX & Friends went so far as to mockingly offer cabinet positions matched with other outspokenly liberal stars. Two words for them -

Ronald Reagan.

This posturing that Hollywood stars are empty-headed, shallow big mouths who can't possibly be serious, well-informed, or smart runs up against one of the Republicans most revered leaders of all time. Or are they (FOX) saying that because of party affiliation, Clooney cannot be a good source of input? Doesn't sound fair OR balanced to me - sounds partisan and biased.

More to come on this, as I'm certain that it's a welcome distraction. With Obama laying low on vacation with family and McCain stumbling woodenly through dull photo-op campaign stops, plastering gorgeous George on the airwaves will be good for the holy ratings.