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Discredited Jerome Corsi Given Another Favorable Platform On FOX News

Reported by Ellen - August 13, 2008 -

Discredited author Jerome Corsi was back on Hannity & Colmes for a second time last night, 8/12/08, to spread more anti-Obama sentiment. Despite the fact that many falsehoods and distortions have been exposed in Corsi’s book, the show has yet to put on a guest to detail or rebut them. To date, Corsi has always appeared alone. During a prior appearance with Hannity, Corsi hyped the Obama-as-dangerous-black-radical meme. Last night, Corsi added the Obama’s-not-really-a-Christian-but-a-Muslim smear. With video.

The video below is of Part 2 of the two-part discussion. I’m certain that Part 1 will get a prominent display on the Hannity and Colmes website at some point but it’s not up as I’m writing this.

In Part 2, race-obsessed Hannity went straight to the race card by bringing up Obama’s supposed connection to Malcolm X.

Not surprisingly, given Corsi's predilection for bigoted statements, he enthusiastically picked up the ball and ran with it.

At about two minutes into the interview, Hannity and Corsi tried to make political hay out of the fact that Obama speaks perfect Arabic and could recite the Muslim call to prayer. With smarmy insinuation, Corsi said that Obama called it “the most lovely sound at sunset.” Corsi later said, “I also proved in the book that Obama did have Islamic instruction.”

Hannity said, “You agree he’s a Christian. You accept that.”

“I said if he says he’s a Christian, that’s what we’ll accept,” Corsi replied, with further insinutation. Then, as if that wasn’t enough of a smear, he added, “Also, the only definitive proof we have that Obama’s a Christian was when in his 30’s when he got baptized at Trinity United Church.”

Corsi went on to impart the “critical” information about Obama’s supposed association with Kenyan Prime Minister Odinga, “a radical socialist... tied to Obama’s family.” Corsi told an incomprehensible (to me) tale about Odinga making a compact with “Islamists” that somehow led to “massacres of Christians.” According to Corsi, Obama was in daily contact with Odinga, though he mentioned that Obama was also working with Condoleezza Rice and Kofi Annan on the issue.

I'll have to wait for Media Matters to do the fact checking in this interview (though Colmes did a lot of rebutting in Part 1) but it was shameful, just on the face of it. Even more shameful is that Corsi's book is selling well.

Will the so-called "liberal" media do its job of exposing him? I'm not holding my breath.