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"One of us" comment misinterpreted

Reported by Chrish - August 12, 2008 -

Brian Kilmeade is the FOX and Friends funnyman, always joking and ad-libbing, often speakings so fast it's hard to understand him. But this morning 8/12/08 it was clear that he thinks John McCain has come around, shedding his maverick persona in order to unify the Republican party around his candidacy.
With video.

Amend 6pm, below

For context: the couch crowd consisted of Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson, guests Margaret Hoover ("GOP Strategist")and John Avlon ("Political analyst" and author of the book Independent Nation, how centrists can change American politics). They were discussing whether the Clintons might have a case as advanced by Clinton supporter and FOX News contributor Howard WOlfson that John Edwards may have cost Clinton the nomination.

There was speculation that Clinton surrogates may be subtly undermining Obama so that Clinton can run again in 2012; Hoover added that they are continually highlighting how viable a candidate she would have been. (But she's indignant that the Clintons, of all people should be scolding anyone for hiding sexual infidelities.) The Clinton supporters are upset, per Avlon, that their coronation was stolen from them, and the Clintons need to help defang the PUMA contingent at the convention in Denver.

Hoover asserted that the Democrats are splintered and are not doing the whole unity thing;" the Republicans were more fractured when McCain got the nomination but now they're way together supporting their nominee.

That's when Kilmeade interrupted, joking that McCain is "totally out of control," and needed to be "reigned in." "Just kidding, governor, he's one of us now!"

Yes, he is; maverick no more. Another inadvertent truth brought to you by one of McCain's Friends at FOX.

AMEND After reading comments and re-listening to the video, several times, apparently Brian Kilmeade was NOT referring to McCain being "one of us" but rather to Governor Mike Huckabee, offstage, who is of course a former Republican candidate and current FOX News contributor. My mistake; sincere apologies. I do wish Kilmeade wasn't such a mush-mouth.