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FOX News uses Russia/Georgia Conflict To Attack Obama

Reported by Ellen - August 12, 2008 -

During a discussion about the Russia/Georgia conflict, Alan Colmes read a FOX News Alert about Russian troops advancing into the Republic of Georgia, followed by an excerpt from an Op-Ed by Georgia’s president describing the steps he claims to have taken to resolve the conflict diplomatically. Then Colmes read, “Should this be a lesson to Senator Barack Obama about meeting with oppositional leaders like Ahmadinejad, for example, that may not (here Colmes added what was obviously his own ad libbed addition) “or may be the answer.” With video.

To give credit to both hosts, neither focused on Obama in this segment.

So it’s pretty clear that the swipe came from FOX News, rather than just conservative Sean Hannity.

When confronted with evidence of its bias, FOX News will usually point to its supposed line between editorial and news and declare that its commentators such as Sean Hannity have opinions but that the news is reported objectively. We have proven that claim false countless times. Here’s another example.