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Dick Morris says Clintons will hog spotlight at convention

Reported by Chrish - August 12, 2008 -

Who else to opine on the Democratic campaign than bitter former Clinton advisor Dick Morris? On FOX and Friends this morning 8/12/08 Morris, Gretchen Carlson, and Steve Doocy discussed the Edwards' affair and it's hypothetical impact on Clinton's race, and what can be expected at the Democratic nominating convention in Denver in two weeks.
With video.

Both Clintons are going to speak at the convention, and Carlson wondered if Howard Wolfson's recent comments, that if the media had reported on the allegations of an Edwards affair, Clinton would have prevailed and gotten the nomination, indicated that the Clinton camp planned to sabotage Barack Obama.

The Clintons won't sabotage Obama outright, they'll just be "very much there," hogging the spotlight, making the first three days about Hillary and leaving Barack a basically one-day convention.

Of course the Clintons don't really want Obama to win despite what they say to the contrary publicly, according to Morris. Carlson "wondered" if this is a surreptitious effort by Clinton surrogates to keep weakening Obama (how convenient that Howard Wolfson now has FOX News as a pulpit, where they are more than happy to keep amplifying the disunity message). It's a deliberate distraction, said Morris, and recalled Bill Clinton's scheduled book-signing that drew huge crowds. That, he hints, was intended not to sell the most books but rather to undermine John Kerry so Hillary could run in 2008.

Morris denied that Hillary will try to wrestle the nomination away from Obama with a floor vote at the convention.

Morris' latest book and website were touted at the top and bottom of the segment, as always.

FOX and Friends effectively ridiculed and dismissed the party unity message of the Democrats without an advocate for the other side of the issue.