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Bill O'Reilly In Full Gloat Mode Over John Edwards

Reported by Deborah - August 12, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly claimed, 8/11/08, that he sat on the John Edwards story since last spring but didn't report it out of concern for Elizabeth Edwards. Last night was payback time since O'Reilly figured that no matter how he mangled Edwards or repeated past distortions, viewers would applaud and declare with admiration that he had been right all along about Edwards. with video.

In January '08', O'Reilly went after Edwards for expressing concerns about homeless vets. Chrish reported O'Reilly's fury when Edwards and Letterman discussed it.

The responses from Media Matters and Brave New Films refuting his claim that there were no homeless Vets contributed to BOR's pent up wrath.

comment: As everyone knows, Bill O'Reilly has no right to condemn anyone for marital infidelity. For O'Reilly to claim that he went after Edwards politically because he knew about the affair, is just another example of BOR's hypocrisy.