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Bill O'Reilly Frames Jon Voight As Conservative Martyr

Reported by Deborah - August 12, 2008 -

Jon Voight wrote an op-ed opposing Barack Obama and one blogger, Jeffrey Wells, expressed his opinion about it. O'Reilly, always anxious to prove that Hollywood punishes conservatives, compared the situation to the "blacklisting" witch hunt in the 1950s. Last week, Wells appeared on The Factor claiming his comment was a personal response to Voight's piece and never meant to be a serious threat. Last night, O'Reilly made an unsuccessful attempt to promote the notion that conservatives are blacklisted in Hollywood during an interview with Jon Voight. with video

Voight seemed anxious to play down O'Reilly's exaggerated claim noting that he had many friends who were actually blacklisted and nobody wants that to happen again. Voight also resisted BOR's urging to condemn Wells for his comment.

Then O'Reilly claimed that people are "emotional" about Obama unlike Gore and Kerry. Referring to Hollywood as "the artistic and sensitive community" he quickly added that he can't relate to the sensitivity as if that's a good thing. The blacklisting was dropped and the rest of the segment became an opportunity to bash Obama and praise John and Cindy McCain