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It's a Fourfer: "Democratic" Guest Bashes the Democratic Party and Barack Obama; Is Going to Vote for McCain and Thinks Edwards Stole the Election from Clinton

Reported by Melanie - August 11, 2008 -

What a Perfect Fox Guest!

Disgruntled ex-Clinton supporters are proving to be a gold mine for Neil Cavuto who hosted what was probably the 14th or 15th appearance of such a person on his show since the end of May today (August 11, 2008). He loves them because they say all the things Fox loves to hear, all in one nice neat little segment. They trash Barack Obama. They rant about the corruption of the Democratic party. Most of them sing the praises of John McCain. And now, as of Friday, Cavuto has yet another reason to exploit them — John Edwards.

Paula Abels was the stooge today. (I say stooge because Cavuto could care less about Abels or her cause. He's using her and her cohorts to paint a picture of the Democratic party and its presumptive nominee as being in total disarray and corrupt through-and-through in an effort to elect John McCain.)

Immediately following a segment featuring Bill Burton, Obama's communication director in a segment questioning whether Obama is being tough enough on Russia over the Georgia invasion (Obama's a wimp), Cavuto introduced Abels with, "more fallout from the whole John Edwards mistress mess — whatever they're calling it. Howard Woflson, Hillary Clinton's former communications director just telling Fox News she would be the nominee right now had Edwards simply come clean earlier." [Not exactly Neil. Wolfson didn't tell that to Fox "just" now. He told it to ABC this morning.]

Enter Abels, who Cavuto identified as "a Clinton supporter" (but a chyron appeared seconds later that read, "Clinton Supporter Backing McCain"), who said she had "absolutely" no doubt that was true. Cavuto said Edwards' Iowa votes could just as easily have gone to Obama but Abels said Obama, "won Iowa with 37% of the vote and the difference between the Edwards and Clinton vote was .2%, so it was a very narrow margin." (What?)

Cavuto said both Clinton and Edwards were substantially behind Obama so "you'd have to assume" that "if it disseminated 70-30, he'd still have won." Abels said (she lost me here with all the hypotheticals), "if she got 70% of Edwards' vote, which I think is reasonable based on how the Edwards demographic ended up voting in later primaries, then it would be a very reasonable assumption that she could have won in Iowa, coming out of there very strong and I think we'd be looking at a different nominee at this point."

Cavuto thought that was an "interesting argument," but wondered whether she and Wolfson were just "adding salt into the convention wound here," and that Obama's going to be a "wounded nominee because you guys just keep doing this." (Plant that thought Neil — you're doing your best to make Obama look "wounded" — why else do you keep having people like Abels on, huh?)

Abels didn't exactly answer but said this is a "prime example of the media cherry picking information," not revealing information damaging to a "favored candidate" (was John Edwards a "favored candidate?"), and that's "really what the Clinton supporters have been complaining about in terms of Senator Obama throughout this entire campaign." And "the fact" that almost the "entire press corp" knew about this relationship and "never revealed it to the American people," (that would include Fox Paula), shows that "the American people are not getting the information they need."

Abels said she was at DuPont Circle this afternoon when a "DNC recruiter offered a person walking by $10.00 to register for the Democratic party and this is the kind of thing the mainstream media is not covering" (Cavuto had to be lovin' that though he sat stern-faced, of course). Her group, "Real Democrats," is "trying to put this information out to the American people and anyone who's "trying to find out more information about Barack Obama" should go to the website where they have "two great articles right now." (I wanted to include a link here and to read those "two great articles," but I tried RealDemocrats.com, .net, .us and .org. I didn't find it and don't care to look further.)

Wrapping up (he always saves this part until the end of the segment), Cavuto said "by the way" (yeah, right), "Are you saying you will still no way in hell support him?" Abels said, "I will never support Barack Obama because I believe that to do so would condone a corrupt candidate and a corrupt party." Cavuto: "Alright, ah John McCain more than Obama?" Abels: "Well, you and I have had this discussion before (so true) but I think that in idology, that Clinton and McCain are much closer and that..."

Cavuto, feigning surprise, which he does EVERY SINGLE TIME: "Wow! Okay."

Abels continued, "...Barack Obama, if I could make one final point — he represents the two worst parts of the Democratic party — the Chicago-style machine and the left wing ideologues, and those are what we're against."

Cavuto: "Gottcha."

I'll have video of the charade up in a few minutes.

Here it is:

(Other segments featured on this "business news" show was one about a Clinton supporter who is organizing a protest in Denver against the "Obama coronation;" Tom Price (R-GA) on how we've gotta drill now so the Russians don't cut off our oil; Scott Rasmussen on how Obama is "clinging" to a two point lead and picking Clinton as VP, "on paper," makes "all the sense in the world," and Barry Levine of the National Enquirer on "new information" on the Edwards scandal. Reminder: We're talkin' Fox's " premiere business news" show here.)

Comment: Howard Wolfson is a "Fox News Contributor," and I'm sure Fox is very, very proud of him today. The guy obviously has the maturity of a mushroom if he engages in this kind of "what if." What if, what if, what if. What useless talk. But it's right up Fox's alley, and the alley of the likes of Abels, so the three go together like a glove and take us down another dead end while the world burns.